Monday, September 30, 2013

PAX Prime 2013

To say I had a blast at PAX Prime would be an understatement! I seriously had an amazing time!! This was by far the largest convention I've ever attended. I was lucky to win a badge from Grimm Bros and find a hotel near the convention center last minute. So I felt like a VIP :) It was great walking around downtown Seattle with fellow nerds everywhere you looked. I could definitely see myself living here someday.

Overall, this trip is one for the record books. I went by myself but met up with friends I've met via social media. I got to see so many cool video games and cosplays, and parts of Seattle. I never thought I would get such an amazing opportunity. Once I got home, I was exhausted but also so thankful for everything I had just experienced! So if you ever get the chance to attend a PAX convention DO ITTTTT!

I posted all of my photos on my Facebook so please look through that album because there's a lot in there that I just didn't have room to put in this post.

More photos after the break!!!! >>>

As soon as I landed in Seattle, I dropped off my things at my hotel and walked over to the convention center. It was already packed with people!

First thing I had to do was get my badge .. I had no idea where to go! :D

Found them! I can't thank Grimm Bros enough for picking me as a winner! It was great meeting Eric of Impact Props, cosplayer Missyeru (who was dressed as Red Robin) and photographer Martin Wong.

Then I walked around the convention to get a feel of everything and pick up my goodie bag.

I just had to buy one of these Scott Pilgrim coins from the Oni Press booth!

I was excited to see the SOE booth since I had just been to SOE Live a few weeks before PAX. They talked about EQNext, and I was happy there was always a big crowd surrounding them. I didn't get to learn anything new about the game, though. They just repeated the same slideshow I saw at SOE Live.

After the exhibits closed my first evening there, I decided to walk down to the Pikes Place Market. Since it was after 6pm, most of stores were already closed. But there were plenty of people taking photographs and enjoying the view. I admit I had goosebumps when I took this photo. It was truly magical :)

This was the first Starbucks that opened in 1971! It was so different looking and had such a cool vibe.

I decided I just HAD to order something from here.. So I got a Mocha Frappucino :)

Here's a funny story.. After my visit to Pikes Place Market, I came back to the convention center and hung out in the Nintendo Lounge. The exhibit rooms were closed so there were a lot of people just hanging out playing games here. I was sitting on a bench taking advantage of all the StreetPass opportunities when I noticed the guy next to me kept getting asked for photos and autographs. Finally, I had to ask him "I'm sorry, but WHO are you?"  ... LOL ... I think I caught him off guard (in a good way) because he laughed and said he owns this company called Rooster Teeth. I had heard one of my salon clients mention that name before, but I didn't know what it was. So he explained and I told him how I was sorry I was clueless .. lol .. But that it was cool meeting him anyway! We StreetPassed each other (which I think is way cooler than an autograph) and I gave him one of my blog cards before he left. Well later that night he invited me to meet some of his friends from Rooster Teeth! Unfortunately I already had other plans, but seriously how cool is that! :D

On Saturday I wore my Annie cosplay from League of Legends. This was me and Harley's Joker .. he was in character the whole time! I wish I had pics of me on stage at the LOL costume contest. I did find these videos on YouTube:
 I'm the Annie at 0:42 and 0:58
I'm on stage as Annie at 1:25

There's also a few photos of my Annie on these websites:

These were my favorite cosplays! It's Cyrus and Reese from Animal Crossing: New Leaf! After I took the photo Cyrus asked if I would like a chocolate bell! (He had chocolate coins in his bell pouch to hand out!)

This was my other favorite outfit. She is from Guild Wars 2.

On Sunday I wore my Ramona Flowers cosplay. I was excited to head over to the Oni Press booth (that is who publishes the Scott Pilgrim comics).. The guy at the booth took my photo and posted it on their Twitter page!

Then a few other Ramonas to show up!!! It was so cool! He took another picture of us and posted it to the Oni Press Twitter. I tweeted the picture, too, and tagged Bryan Lee O'Malley and HE FAVORITED my tweet!!!!! :) :) :)

In the Nintendo Lounge, I was able to play on the new 2DS system. It was pretty cool, but I am so use to my XL screen that I probably won't be buying a 2DS any time soon. It would be great for someone younger since there is no hinge that could break. I don't use the 3D option on mine and most other people I talked to said the same. So maybe if they made this in a XL size I would consider it.

This super awesome Gideon cosplay and myself were filmed for the SneakyZebra cosplay video! It shows my acting debut!
My Annie is at 2:00 and Ramona Flowers is at 2:31

I really wanted to play the Elder Scrolls but it had a craaaazy long line.

I did wait in line to play the Magic: The Gathering Online and get a free pin for my lanyard. This game was great for me because I've been wanting to learn how to play Magic better. But since I don't have anyone to play with now I can right from my iPad or computer!

Another game I played a demo of was Strife. It was a lot like League of Legends except it was more of an RPG than PVP. I enjoyed it so much that I will probably get it when it comes out. The Strife booth had excellent marketing because if you played the demo you got this cute plush. All day long people were asking me where I got it! So Strife got some major advertising that way :)

This is some of the swag I brought home from PAX. A lot of it was free!  I did buy the MLG t-shirt and the Sanshee necklaces. The mouse and earbuds were in my goodie bag for entering the League of Legends costume contest!!


So basically this was the most amazing trip ever!! I got to see and do so much! Be sure to look through my Facebook album for a bunch more pics.

What games are you looking forward to being released?
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