Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's in My Bag!

A girl's purse can be an endless pit of interesting goodies. Mine is no exception! Here's a look at some of the glitzy and geeky things inside my bag!

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 - This is my salon phone.. I chose to have two numbers so I could have a little separation from work and personal life. The Galaxy S3 is really cool, but I still prefer my iPhone 5. (not pictured because it's what took this photo, lol)
2. My wallet - I got this little wallet from Sam Moon. It's great for when I need to attach it to my keys for quick trips without a purse.
3. My salon appointment book - I carry this with me everywhere! I enjoy writing my appointments down rather than using the calendar in my phone.
4. Business cards - It's important for me to always have some salon and blog cards handy. You never know when you might need one! Storing them in a card holder makes them easy to find, too. I always use Zazzle to make my cards.
5. Pens and pencils - I'm constantly losing these. Was surprised I found this many. I usually have some white-out, too, but I must have misplaced that.
6. GlitzyGeekGirl stickers!! - These are extra from the last convention. Hopefully I can give more out when I hold my next giveaway! I used Zazzle to make these, too.
7. BonneBell Lip Lites - I've used this lip gloss since I was in middle school. Vanilla Swirl is my favorite!
8. My Little Pony - Not sure what this one's name is. I must have bought one of those mystery bags and she just made camp in one of my pockets, lol.
9. My checkbook - I'm a grown up now so I gotta pay bills, but that doesn't mean my checks have to be ugly ;)
10. Welch's Fruit Snacks - I eat so many bags of these a day lol .. They are actually pretty healthy snacks. My favorite is Strawberry. I get "weird" if I don't eat a little bit throughout the day so I keep a bag just in case.

And here's a photo of my backpack that stores all my goodies. I got my Sheldon pin from Dallas Comic Con, EverQuest II pin from SOE Live, and I ordered a few GlitzyGeekGirl buttons to see how they'd look. I nicknamed the alpaca "Alpakachu" and my mom just gave me the Hello Kitty plush a few days ago as a gift :)


So there ya go! That's what I tote around. Sometimes I'll grab my Nintendo 3DS or iPad, too. I love carrying a backpack because I feel more organized. 


I am the Lady Geek of the Week on Being Geek Chic!
And the Featured Cosplayer of the Week on SuperHeroPhotos!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Dark Purple Hair - Psylocke Style!

Time for a ~glitzy~ hair post!! :D
(Don't worry there's a photo of Psylocke at the end..)

About 2 weeks ago I had the guts to drastically change my hair color! It's normal for me to go from one funky color to the next, but I usually keep most of it blonde. Well I was playing around with a wig and feeling inspired by this photo of Katy Perry one night..  so with the support of my Facebook friends (I took a poll and almost everyone said they liked it dark) I decided to go for it!

Katy Perry at the 2012 Billboard Awards .. I liked that she had pale skin and blue eyes, too!

Testing out my dark brown wig first..
If you follow me on Facebook/Instagram/etc then you've already seen the results but if not then hereeee weee gooooo......

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dallas Fan Days 2013

Dallas Fan Days was a few weekends ago, and I still find myself smiling as I look through my photo album from the event! I looked at all the pics and had such a hard time deciding which ones to put in the blog. I wanted to include them all!! So please look at my Facebook Album to see the entire set!

Fan Days is a little smaller compared to Dallas Comic Con which was in May. But this year they made it a three day weekend instead of two. Some of the celebrity guests included Ron Pearlman, John Barrowman, Jon Heder, Katee Sackhoff and Tom Felton! There were also some great comic artists like Neal Adams, Cary Nord, and Mark Reznicek who was also the drummer for the Toadies!

Here are some videos and article links from the event:
Templar Digital -
The Nerd Fu - Cosplay at Fan Days

These are my friends Scotty and Courtney as Alien vs Predator. Aren't they incredible!! Please like Courtney's page on Facebook to see their other amazing costumes. I always look forward to what they bring to each convention!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Widow Cosplay Tutorial

Hello! If you have ever wanted to dress up as Black Widow from The Avengers then this tutorial is for you! This is a very easy costume and is great for all ages. I wore this costume to Dallas Fan Days and had so much fun pretending to fight crime! :D

Supplies needed:
Belt - wooden discs, black paint, gold paint, red paint, glossy paint, glue gun, a skinny black belt
Bullet bracelets -  toy bullet belt (I ordered one from Amazon), and gold spray paint
Black catsuit - I ordered mine from Femme Jolie 
(Optional: Wear a black long sleeve shirt and black leggings instead!)
Toy guns - Mine are from Amazon
Black boots - Mine are from Walmart last year
Red wig - I ordered a Ferrari in Maroon from Arda Wigs

Photo credit: April Miller

So really the only two things you have to make for a Black Widow costume is the belt and the bracelets. Here are the steps on how I did both:

First, paint your wooden discs black.
(Optional: lightly sand your discs first if you can)

Second, paint a gold border around the edge, and paint one of the discs with the red hour glass symbol. Then, paint them with a satin gloss finish.

Next, hot glue the discs onto a skinny black belt.

I glued my red hour glass on the center of the belt. This way the buckle would go on my back. 

I also turned it inside out. So the extra part of the belt would be on my body and not facing out.

The bullet belt from Amazon disassembles easily so it can be shortened and used for bracelets instead. However, I found these bullets to be too dull.

So I used gold spray paint to make them prettier.

Before and After .. they look much better!

Belt and bracelets finished!

Photo credit: Alan Tijerina

Photo credit: Templar Digital

Side note: I don't think it really matters which way the bullets face. I saw it done both ways on different cosplays. So it's up to you! However, I do wish I had glued the bullets to the black holders (except for one so I could take it on and off). Because the bullets did slip throughout the day at the convention.


So there you go! This is a great costume for Halloween. It's also the perfect convention cosplay. If you decide to make a Black Widow outfit please share it with me!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Things #18

So much to blog about lately!!! I need to sit down and type up a lot posts.. For now please enjoy this Happy Things post! :)

A few weeks ago I dyed my hair purple and pink!

I love this dark purple. I'm actually considering doing my whole head this color. I've been wanting to go dark lately, and this might be a good baby step :)

These wigs were at Target in the Halloween section. How fun are they?!
Pixie must have been really happy here :P What a cutie!

I ordered GlitzyGeekGirl stickers to hand out at Dallas Fan Days over the weekend! They were a hit! I am thinking about ordering buttons for next time.

The other day I wore my hair in pigtail buns and did a zig zag part.

It was hard taking this photo by myself .. lol .. But I really liked how it turned out. (I know my roots look yellow.. that's one reason I want to dye it all dark)

I brought my 3DS to Dallas Fan Days to get street passes, and I must have picked up Pietro from someone! I really like Pietro, but he lives in my Mom's town .. so it kinda weirds me out that there's two of him :D

This is really silly and will only be funny if any of my EQ2 friends read this. I was uploading a pic to Tinypic and had to fill out a captcha.. well Carpe Diem is the name of my guild on EverQuest 2 so I got excited lol

If you have never heard of Jeremiah Ketner then you need to check out Small and Round immediately! I absolutely adore all of his artwork. It's so whimsical! I especially loved this kitty he posted on Instagram.


What things have made you happy lately?

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