Monday, October 14, 2013

Black Widow Cosplay Tutorial

Hello! If you have ever wanted to dress up as Black Widow from The Avengers then this tutorial is for you! This is a very easy costume and is great for all ages. I wore this costume to Dallas Fan Days and had so much fun pretending to fight crime! :D

Supplies needed:
Belt - wooden discs, black paint, gold paint, red paint, glossy paint, glue gun, a skinny black belt
Bullet bracelets -  toy bullet belt (I ordered one from Amazon), and gold spray paint
Black catsuit - I ordered mine from Femme Jolie 
(Optional: Wear a black long sleeve shirt and black leggings instead!)
Toy guns - Mine are from Amazon
Black boots - Mine are from Walmart last year
Red wig - I ordered a Ferrari in Maroon from Arda Wigs

Photo credit: April Miller

So really the only two things you have to make for a Black Widow costume is the belt and the bracelets. Here are the steps on how I did both:

First, paint your wooden discs black.
(Optional: lightly sand your discs first if you can)

Second, paint a gold border around the edge, and paint one of the discs with the red hour glass symbol. Then, paint them with a satin gloss finish.

Next, hot glue the discs onto a skinny black belt.

I glued my red hour glass on the center of the belt. This way the buckle would go on my back. 

I also turned it inside out. So the extra part of the belt would be on my body and not facing out.

The bullet belt from Amazon disassembles easily so it can be shortened and used for bracelets instead. However, I found these bullets to be too dull.

So I used gold spray paint to make them prettier.

Before and After .. they look much better!

Belt and bracelets finished!

Photo credit: Alan Tijerina

Photo credit: Templar Digital

Side note: I don't think it really matters which way the bullets face. I saw it done both ways on different cosplays. So it's up to you! However, I do wish I had glued the bullets to the black holders (except for one so I could take it on and off). Because the bullets did slip throughout the day at the convention.


So there you go! This is a great costume for Halloween. It's also the perfect convention cosplay. If you decide to make a Black Widow outfit please share it with me!


  1. Are wetsuits like the one here uncomfortable? I'm thinking of doing a DIY Jean Grey/Phoenix cosplay for Motor City Comic Con and I've never had to wear a one-piece bodysuit like this before. This Black Widow cosplay looks great!

    1. This one was very comfy! I ordered a cheap one from eBay that was really NOT comfy tho. It wasn't stretchy at all and I could barely move. But this one from Femme Jolie on Etsy was made in a tall size for me.. since I am 5'9" and it fit great! Was very stretchy and honestly was one of the most comfortable costumes I ever wore.

  2. You look fantastic, great work :D


  3. Great tutorial! When I first saw the pictures I wondered how on earth you put it together. I feel like I would have made it way too complicated (had I ever tried this costume, that is). Thanks for sharing :D

    1. I was surprised how easy this whole outfit was, too! Since I didn't make the black suit, all I had to focus on was the belt and bracelets. I think I got lucky finding that toy bullet belt on Amazon.. I didn't know it would disassemble so easily so it turned into a bracelet quite well!

  4. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this belt tutorial! I searched online for what felt like forever before I found this awesome but simple idea!

  5. Hi i was wondering for the black outfit on femme jolies site, would i need to give her a complete whole body measurement to get it made o.O?

    1. I don't believe so! She has them listed as S M L .. I told her my measurements before I purchased one so she could suggest which size I needed. She also offers Tall versions. I bought a Medium Tall (I am 5'10".) Don't hesitate to message her - when I did she replied within the hour and my suit was shipped the same day I ordered it :)

  6. let me know asap k :D thank you :)

  7. What size are the wooden discs that you used?

    1. These discs are 3 inches in diameter :)


  8. omg this was so helpful! thank you! you look great :)

  9. Thank you for a great tutorial. I was looking for something like this as a casual co-player at Dragon Con.

  10. How did you get the bullet bracelets to latch together? I was confused by that step.

  11. Hey! thank you so much for your Black Widow cosplay advices!:D
    I'm a french girl and I have my first Comic Con in Paris in october , I'm so excited! I decided to go over there as Black Widow from the comic. I'm not very good at manual work but I think the level of the belt and bracelets will be ok haha ^^ if I haven't found your page, I would have ordered a 70$ belt from a cosplayer who have already done it D:
    Thank you again :)


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