Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Things #18

So much to blog about lately!!! I need to sit down and type up a lot posts.. For now please enjoy this Happy Things post! :)

A few weeks ago I dyed my hair purple and pink!

I love this dark purple. I'm actually considering doing my whole head this color. I've been wanting to go dark lately, and this might be a good baby step :)

These wigs were at Target in the Halloween section. How fun are they?!
Pixie must have been really happy here :P What a cutie!

I ordered GlitzyGeekGirl stickers to hand out at Dallas Fan Days over the weekend! They were a hit! I am thinking about ordering buttons for next time.

The other day I wore my hair in pigtail buns and did a zig zag part.

It was hard taking this photo by myself .. lol .. But I really liked how it turned out. (I know my roots look yellow.. that's one reason I want to dye it all dark)

I brought my 3DS to Dallas Fan Days to get street passes, and I must have picked up Pietro from someone! I really like Pietro, but he lives in my Mom's town .. so it kinda weirds me out that there's two of him :D

This is really silly and will only be funny if any of my EQ2 friends read this. I was uploading a pic to Tinypic and had to fill out a captcha.. well Carpe Diem is the name of my guild on EverQuest 2 so I got excited lol

If you have never heard of Jeremiah Ketner then you need to check out Small and Round immediately! I absolutely adore all of his artwork. It's so whimsical! I especially loved this kitty he posted on Instagram.


What things have made you happy lately?


  1. Your hair looks really cool, but those wigs are super awesome too! I hope I don't have to pick which I like better.

  2. Fan Days and getting to meet Katee Sackhoff, Stephanie Leonidas and Grant Bowler(Irisa and Nolan from Defiance). Getting my Glitzy geek Girl sticker and Finally will be going to TRF Saturday and Sunday this weekend. I will also mention was wonderful seeing you in all your costumes last weekend. You are just amazing at what you do.

    This is Ron by the way

  3. I could tell you having a cold and breaking out into hives doesn't make me happy, thats for cluckin sure! If it's not one thing, it's another with me.
    But anywho, all about fan days. Meeting JDF and Robert Patrick was awesome. Great guys, real down to earth. Trying to build a salmon ladder but I just haven't been feeling well the last few days. Still, dominating this nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Gold. All will fear the name "Unas!"
    And real talk, purple would be pretty cool, you should go with it. Listen to your heart.

  4. Your hair looks sooooo cute! *___* And the stickers are such a great idea! :D I would love to have one ... or thousand! <33 (:

  5. May I ask where you got the stickers from? They are such a genius idea.

    1. I ordered them from Zazzle! It's a really great website. I get my business cards from there, too. They have a lot of pre-made designs or you can upload a custom image. I did have to cut the stickers individually myself because they come on a sheet. But all the products I've ordered have been high quality.

    2. Thanks, Anna! I've never tried Zazzle before, but now I might have to. :)

  6. Pietro! I've never encountered him in my AC travels.


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