Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's in My Bag!

A girl's purse can be an endless pit of interesting goodies. Mine is no exception! Here's a look at some of the glitzy and geeky things inside my bag!

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 - This is my salon phone.. I chose to have two numbers so I could have a little separation from work and personal life. The Galaxy S3 is really cool, but I still prefer my iPhone 5. (not pictured because it's what took this photo, lol)
2. My wallet - I got this little wallet from Sam Moon. It's great for when I need to attach it to my keys for quick trips without a purse.
3. My salon appointment book - I carry this with me everywhere! I enjoy writing my appointments down rather than using the calendar in my phone.
4. Business cards - It's important for me to always have some salon and blog cards handy. You never know when you might need one! Storing them in a card holder makes them easy to find, too. I always use Zazzle to make my cards.
5. Pens and pencils - I'm constantly losing these. Was surprised I found this many. I usually have some white-out, too, but I must have misplaced that.
6. GlitzyGeekGirl stickers!! - These are extra from the last convention. Hopefully I can give more out when I hold my next giveaway! I used Zazzle to make these, too.
7. BonneBell Lip Lites - I've used this lip gloss since I was in middle school. Vanilla Swirl is my favorite!
8. My Little Pony - Not sure what this one's name is. I must have bought one of those mystery bags and she just made camp in one of my pockets, lol.
9. My checkbook - I'm a grown up now so I gotta pay bills, but that doesn't mean my checks have to be ugly ;)
10. Welch's Fruit Snacks - I eat so many bags of these a day lol .. They are actually pretty healthy snacks. My favorite is Strawberry. I get "weird" if I don't eat a little bit throughout the day so I keep a bag just in case.

And here's a photo of my backpack that stores all my goodies. I got my Sheldon pin from Dallas Comic Con, EverQuest II pin from SOE Live, and I ordered a few GlitzyGeekGirl buttons to see how they'd look. I nicknamed the alpaca "Alpakachu" and my mom just gave me the Hello Kitty plush a few days ago as a gift :)


So there ya go! That's what I tote around. Sometimes I'll grab my Nintendo 3DS or iPad, too. I love carrying a backpack because I feel more organized. 


I am the Lady Geek of the Week on Being Geek Chic!
And the Featured Cosplayer of the Week on SuperHeroPhotos!


  1. Congrats on the Being Geek Chic and Super Hero spots!
    I will always love Bonne Bell's Lip Smackers!
    And I love Alpakahu's name!

  2. The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking, "Where's the 3DS? Where's the 3DS?" Thanks for not leaving that out! And congratulations on being featured!


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