Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Wish List 2013

My birthday is this month so I decided to make a list of some little (and mostly big) wishes I have!

"Message from Home" by Jeremiah Ketner
I have had my eye on this painting for quite some time now. The movie Tangled holds a magical place in my heart (I even have a post about it!), and this painting captures the essence of the story beautifully. I entered a Facebook contest on Jeremiah Ketner's page to try and win this painting, but it just wasn't written in the stars for me. So for now it stays on my ~wish list~..

King's Body Jewelry has these beautiful Pink Howlite stone plugs for only $15! I wear a size 25mm (or 1 inch) plug in my ears, and they are usually super crazy expensive. Most of the time you'll see me wearing Opalite plugs, but I really want these pink ones! :P

My desktop computer that I use for eveerrrrything was purchased in 2007. I've only upgraded the operating system once when my hard-drive decided to crash three years ago. Honestly, most everything runs just fine still (knock on wood!) But I'm a tech geek, and I love to have the newest models. I still can't decide if I should just upgrade to the latest OS, switch to a laptop, or get the bigger desktop. So that's why I still have what I have :P 

Although I haven't had any professional training with Adobe products, I find myself constantly using Photoshop for blog stuff, photos, and just for fun. I would love learn how to use Illustrator as well, and begin expanding my digital art skills. It costs quite a bit so this will probably stay on my ~wish list~ for awhile especially since I already have Photoshop.

When I first started dying my hair funky colors, I used Specials Effects from Hot Topic. They no longer carry that brand (they switched to RAW which I use now). But Special Effects has a wider range of colors, and the quality is amazing. I can't find it in stores anywhere so you have to purchase them online now. I would love to have one of each color! :P

I really really don't need another 3DS XL .. but it's so hard not to love this special edition one! I definitely plan on picking up the new game at least.

This replica of Thorin's key looks uber magical as a pendent for a necklace. I would rock this all the time. It'd be especially cool to wear to a Renaissance faire. ThinkGeek offers it for $30 which is a little steep for me, but it says it's an officially licensed collectible and comes in a "handsome" gift box!


So those are my crazy wishes for my birthday this year! According to my age I should probably be asking for more "grown up" things, but that will never happen! :P I will be a kid for life!



  1. I miss dying my hair! :'(
    I just got the Pokemon 3DS, and my friend who works at Gamestop told me about the LoZ one...I was so sad. I might have to trade mine in! And that painting is really pretty!

  2. If need be, you can always switch over to Linux 13.10 without having to purchase a new laptop or desktop. No spyware, runs faster, you'll keep all of your files/applications/programs a LOT longer than Mac & Windows combined, and you can get similiar programs for free that resemble Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. At least try it!

    1. I've tried to switch over to GIMP, but I find it to be much less intuitive than Photoshop is. Not sure what a comparable program to Illustrator would be.

      With Adobe switching from licensed purchasable products to a subscription model, it might be a challenge for Glitzy to get Illustrator anyway. The subscription's not very cheap either (not that the product ever was).

  3. This is a great wishlist. That painting is gorgeous!

  4. Those pink plugs are soooo cute! And don't ever grow up! Growing up is for suckers, lol.

  5. Happy early birthday! This is a perfect wishlist! :)


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