Sunday, November 10, 2013

Movie Review - Thor: The Dark World

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As you can tell from my previous post, I was pretty excited to go watch the second installment of Thor in theaters. I had made a winged headband to wear as I cheered on Thor and Loki in their adventures! I will keep this short and sweet and spoiler free!

I actually had not seen the first Thor movie until a few days ago. Luckily, my nearby Redbox had it to rent. So I made some popcorn and checked it out. I knew I was an instant fan of Thor after watching The Avengers. He and Captain America were my favorites due to their stunning good looks and gentlemanlike qualities. (Hey, they're my type ok!) But truthfully, Thor appears to me as a true hero. He's big, buff, kind, and genuinely looking out for the good of his people. And his role in Thor: The Dark World confirmed all of that for me.
First, the movie has an overall comedic feel. Which I loved! I laughed out loud at so many different parts. And I never felt like the lines came off as cheesy. Many of the funniest moments weren't even spoken lines (like where Thor puts his hammer at the apartment) .. That was hilarious! I'm glad they included cameos of other characters, too. That was a nice touch to get a laugh out and also a glimpse at some of our other favorite super heroes.
Second, the movie had a great message. I feel like Thor and Loki's relationship has excellent balance. This makes the movie more of a family film. It shows that a family may be complicated, but love doesn't disappear, no matter how evil you might be. I especially enjoyed Rene Russo's performance as Frigga. Her scenes were so moving and heartfelt that even Loki feels it. And I liked that I understood what I just watched. I didn't leave the theater wondering why someone did something or what was that meant for. It was an enjoyable story to follow.
Finally, the action was just right. I'm comparing this to how I felt after Man of Steel. Superman straight up destroyed everything. And I had a hard time enjoying the mass chaos. I'm all for some good fight scenes, but too much and I'm a little turned off. The scenes in Asgard had a magical feel to them with the use of a more medieval touch. I enjoyed seeing the close up punches rather than who can throw the other into the farthest building.

So to conclude, I would probably say the two Thor movies combined have made it one of my favorite super hero story lines. The actors and actresses meshed well, the special effects brought another world to life, and the subtle love story resonated with me. I'd say this movie has something for just about everyone!


What is your favorite super hero film?
Did you enjoy Thor: The Dark World?


  1. My husband and I are going to see it tomorrow! This review has me pretty excited. Tom Hiddleston's Loki is a true treasure! He seems to really care about his role, AND, appreciate the fame it's brought to him, and the connection it has made with his fans.

    And YES! Thor is a total fittie!
    So stoked for this.

  2. I absolutely loved it! The dynamic between Thor and Loki has always been so interesting and it really reached a new depth in this film. Plus, I agree that there was some comedy gold sprinkled throughout the movie. I can't wait for more, because really there has to be!

  3. Great review Anna. Cool to see a stand-alone Marvel movie actually acknowledge the fact that yes, the Avengers did happen, and that they still exist in this universe, even if they aren't always popping-up to say hello or kick some butt.

  4. I can't believe I still haven't seen it. I didn't like the first Thor film that much except for topless Thor. Maybe I'll like this one more. It sounds much better.


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