Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Vampire Diaries: Dallas Convention 2013

Back in August I was able to attend The Vampire Diaries Convention put on by Creation Entertainment! I feel bad it took me this long to post about it because I had a total blast!

There were so many cast members from the show there.  I was glad my ticket package included a lot of autographs.

A cool treat at the convention was seeing Ian Somehalder's brother Bob. He runs a really cool company called Built of Barnwood (BOB).. There were so many wonderful things for sale and you could even meet Bob and get his signature!

Although this convention was smaller than most, they still had a nice display of goodies to buy.

They had a small costume contest, and most of the girls were dressed as Elena or Katherine. I decided if I had dressed up I would have been Matt in his football uniform lol

During the auction, I bid on this really cool bag that was from the 2011 San Diego Comic Con!

The money from the auction went to charity, and I think it's cool to have this hanging in my room :)

I bought a t-shirt at the convention and wore it with my lapis lazuli necklace my mom had bought me!

She also bought me a lapis lazuli ring, and I ordered Damon's ring from eBay.

This was the Q&A panel for Torrey DeVitto and Kat Graham who play Dr. Meredith Fell and Bonnie Bennett in the show. Torrey DeVitto is also in Pretty Little Liars.

This is a pic of Trent Ford on stage. I was SOOO excited to meet him because he is in one of my favorite movies How To Deal. I love that movie SO much, and I have watched it so many times that my DVD skips now. He had a small role in the Vampire Diaries a few seasons ago, but when I saw him announced for the convention I got really excited!!

This was the bead I made for Trent Ford. He collects beads for his necklace when he travels to new places. Since this was his first convention and I'm a huge fan, I thought it would be cool to give it as a gift :) He was really grateful!

Charlie Bewley was also there, and I was excited to meet him because he was part of the Volturi in Twilight.

This was my outfit for the second day! I wanted to look cute since this was the day I'd get Damon's autograph!

Ian Somerhalder (Damon) was the big guest of the show.. Paul Wesley (Stefan) canceled his appearance last minute *cry* .. I had met Ian before so I was looking forward to seeing Paul Wesley. Oh well. I'll take Damon if I have to! :)

Here are all the autographs I got! I already had Damon's and Caroline's on my poster from a few years ago. So I got Damon's again since it was included in my ticket package. I also got Bonney's, Jeremy's and Matt's autograph on my poster! Then I went ahead and had Charlie Bewley sign my Twilight book. And honestly, I was probably most excited to meet Trent Ford. He was so cool.


I also went to a Supernatural convention so I will be sure to post an update about that soon!

Are you a Vampire Diaries fan?
Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan?


  1. Lovely blog. I'm also crazy about cats and movie/sci-fi conventions ;-)

  2. This looks like so much fun. Although VD is a total guilty pleasure for me, I REALLY enjoy it!

  3. Lucky girl! This looks like soooo much fun! Love the show (my bestie got me hooked). If I win the lotto, I want to do the Supernatural one next year. I need a legit opportunity to tell Misha Collins he's my hero ;)

  4. I wanted to say that I nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! You can check out the deets over at my blog and how to participate:

    Also, hnng, those rings! So lovely! Looks like a great time, always love those smaller conventions because they can have some great panels and talks that would normally be too packed at bigger cons.

  5. I am team Damon! But I think Caroline is my favorite. And i ship Bonnie/Jeremy SOOOOO much!!! Supernatural con sounds so fun! Those guys seem to really enjoy what they do!
    I sent my 2011 Supernatural bag from SDCC to my friend! Aren't they great? And poster sized!!!

  6. There's one coming to my area in a few weeks. You'v convinced me to go however Paul Westley better not bail or like...i'll do...SOMETHING dunno what but I can tell you it will make awkward moments all around!! (I hope those people who paid $150+ on him got a refund at least)

  7. This looked like so much fun! I haven't gotten into Vampire Diaries but I love Supernatural and I want to attend one of their conventions.


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