Friday, November 8, 2013

Tutorial: Thor Inspired Wing Headband

Art by Oliver Coipel
A few days ago, I decided to rent the first Thor movie since Thor: The Dark World comes out this weekend! I have totally fallen in love with Chris Hemsworth. But also Natalie Portman! She's so cute in the movie. I am excited to watch the second movie tomorrow so tonight I was googling Thor crafts and came across this awesome headband tutorial by Doodle Craft. I decided right away I had to make it!

I made my wings smaller than Doodle Craft's tutorial so they could be worn more often. But it would be fun to remake this in different wing shapes and sizes.

I printed out a wing shape that I liked and traced it onto some sheet foam.

Normally I would gesso the sheet foam so it would become thicker and more sturdy, but tonight I wanted this done quick so I just decided to spray paint the wings silver.

Then I outlined the wings with gold paint and used hair spray to add some glitter. 

Because I am a glitzy Thor girl! 

Attach your wings with hot glue to a skinny headband and you're done!

Pixie insisted on a hug during my photo shoot.

Aww kitty!

This was a super quick and cheap DIY project!


Who is going to see Thor: The Dark World this weekend?
Are you Team Thor or Team Loki?



  1. OMG! So cute. I love the glitter. I'm going to make one tomorrow.

  2. I love this so much!!!! Enjoy the movie! Hopefully I'll have my headband ready by the time I get to see the movie :-D

  3. Team Loki forever! That looks really cute :)

  4. Just found my silver glitter craft paper so I can make these this afternoon! My husband has the cutest man-crush on Thor. He gets seriously flustered watching Thor. I'm more of a team Loki girl, myself, but I respect his choices. lol

  5. So fun! Trusty hairspray!
    Love this!

  6. Awesome headband! Reminds me of Adventures in Babysitting!

  7. Super cute! I have to try that!

  8. I made a set for me and my friend. Go to my instagram at nerwin_willowcrow to see pictures. Great idea!


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