Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Things #20

This is a bit of a random Happy Things post.. Because it includes a lot of things I had meant to blog about from a couple months ago and just didn't find the time to post them. I did share most of these things via Instagram so be sure to follow me there to stay up-to-date :)

So back in September I got to attend a Supernatural convention! I went by myself, had a terrible seat during the Q&A, and autograph tickets were already sold out. So typing up a whole blog post seemed kinda pointless since I didn't take too many photos. But listening to the Q&A with Sam and Dean was awesome, and I did fork out some money to get a picture with Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) .. I loved him in Gilmore Girls, too, so that was an added bonus.

Next event I wanted to blog about was the Paramore concert! They're probably my favorite band, and I danced to all the songs in their set! My mom went with me and we had pretty good seats right in the middle, but neither of our phones got very clear pics. I did buy a shirt, tho :)

The day before Thanksgiving, Medieval Times posted on their Facebook that tickets were only $25 for that night's show. Normally, a ticket is like $60-$70.. so I begged my parents to take me since the price was so low ^.^ I absolutely LOVE going to Medieval Times. I have lost count how many times I've been there now. And I am pretty sure some of the knights recognized me. You get to eat a huge meal (with your hands!) and watch an awesome show. Huzzah!

A couple weeks ago I bought this Carissa Rose print. I'd like to get a nice frame for it and hang it up in my room. She makes really cool, colorful artwork.

You may have noticed my hair color changing quite a bit throughout all my posts and pics.. I change it so often that I forget to make new blog posts about it. Or maybe I think y'all get tired of seeing those kinds of posts? I dunno .. but here's some pics of what I've done lately! 

I was planning on just touching up my roots with more purple.. but when I put the bleach on it started turning kinda green. So I just went with it and added more teal dye. :P

The most recent color I've done was bleaching out the green/teal and this time adding pink to the roots. People usually ask me how I change my color so much without damaging it. I always use demi-permanent color, and I haven't put bleach on the ends of my hair in about 7 months. I only have to do the roots for now. The color at the middle/ends is from that time I put dark purple on it.. and this is what it's faded to. I did shampoo the pink dye down towards the bottom to give it a more pinkish glow.

This picture makes me so happy!!! I entered the official Mortal Instruments Pinterest board contest and was one of the 5 winners! I heard about it from their Facebook page and since I am totally addicted to Pinterest, I had no problem spending an entire night making a Clary Fray Inspired board. There were quite a few entries, but I saw my name listed as one of the winners and freaked out!! I emailed them my address and a few days later got a box from Sony Entertainment. It had the movie on BluRay/DVD, the movie's soundtrack, Jace's stele, tattoos, trading cards, a journal, bag, and t-shirt. The item I was most excited for was The Shadowhunters Codex. I wasn't expecting to get all these amazing items so I was really really happy!!

My next happy thing is the jewelry I ordered from Kuma Crafts. This beautiful Sailor Moon necklace has been on my wish list for quite some time. I finally decided to order it, and I am so glad I did. It's exquisite!! It's so well-made, glitzy and girly, and looks great with any outfit. The package came with some adorable stickers, too!

And finally, a Happy Things post wouldn't be complete without a picture of Pixie Doodle.


What has made you happy lately?
(Or in the last couple months since my post has things all the way back to September hahaha)


  1. Woot! I'm just excited for the fact that Happy Things is celebrating its 20th post! That's a lot to be happy for!

  2. I love your new hair colour. It looks so bright. So rad you met Sam, and he's cuddling you. *Swoon*

  3. I went some days away with my boy to celebrate Christmas with us two :)

  4. Awesome post!! Love the photo of you with Sam!

  5. So jealous that you went to a SPN convention! I'd love to go to one one day soon!!

  6. Your hair is freaking awesome! It makes me miss my long pink hair so much. But I kinda killed it and had to cut it all off. What has made me happy lately? Just life in general. I love this time of year ^_^


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