Sunday, December 1, 2013

My Birthday 2013

I am officially another year older, but I definitely still feel like a kid! :) I am glad my birthday reflects my childlike qualities, too. I had a lot of fun with my family just hanging out and enjoying the day.

I decided to wear this dress from Hot Topic (I got about 3 years ago) and a Tarina Tarantino necklace.

My shoes were my first birthday gift! They are Uggs and SO COMFY! I got them a few days early so I could wear them sooner :)

My dad surprised me with a donut that morning! They didn't have any with sprinkles so we had to make our own. It tasted great!

I am moving soon so all those plastic tubs are my costumes lol .. But it made a good area for my presents to be displayed.

Pixie had a birds-eye view of the party!

I was looking forward to playing Animal Crossing because your villagers throw a birthday party for you! I'm so glad my favorite villager, O'Hare, surprised me.
(Tip: Be sure to visit Club LOL the Saturday before your birthday so KK Slider can give you a copy of the song KK Birthday!)

O'Hare, Fuchsia and Antonio all came to my party!

Back in real life... my family and I ate at the Olive Garden! I love ordering their spaghetti and eating a million breadsticks.  

Then we came back home and opened my gifts. Pixie was having a blast playing with all the tissue paper. But she eventually wore herself out!

A few of the things I got were a Pokemon tshirt, a Doctor Who scarf, a Teemo hat, and chocolate! My parents also surprised me with tickets to see ICE! at the Gaylord Texan. It didn't open until a week after my birthday. I can't wait to share that adventure in another blog post.

My cake was from Nothing Bundt Cakes and was soooo cute. The flavor was red velvet, and they put the sweetest princess hat on it. It was delicious!


So I had a really fun birthday! I am such a kid at heart and look forward to playing with all my gifts.

Do you have special plans on your birthday?


  1. What an awesome celebration! Your family sounds great.

    My birthday usually falls on A-Fest every year, but this year I'm planning on going to Dragon Con to celebrate! I'm so excited, I've never been before!!

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great time. :)

  3. Happy Birthday! That cake looks killer!

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like a blast. That Teemo cap is adorable!

    My birthday is coming up in early Jan., so I'm just planning to have a chill day after holiday traveling. I might have a sewing day and treat myself to a new dress.

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good one! Looks like you did!

  6. omg, you've got such awesome parents! :D all those gifts and sweets are amazing! ^^ happy brithday!

  7. Happy birthday! My family usually celebrates with dinner too. This past birthday I went to Disneyland with my husband (It was my first birthday as a it was extra awesome having a riding partner!)

  8. How great is that? The hat fits you perfectly! <3 (: Congratulations and Happy Birthday! (I'm too late, I know. u.u) You look so cute in this dress. :3


  9. Twinsies! My birthday was on 1st December too. Glad you had a lovely day, your gifts look awesome!

  10. Olive Garden is my birthday meal of choice, too! SO GOOD!

  11. A very happy late birthday to you! Your dress is adorable!

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a really special day. Love that animal crossing celebrates it with you. Love your new scarf as well. :)

  13. Thank you everyone for the kind wishes!!! :) :) :) *hugz*


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