Monday, December 9, 2013

My Little Pony: Childhood Memories

There's a special memory I have when I was little of me and my mom. I was in elementary school, and I got all A's on one of my report cards. So my mom said she would take me to Toys R Us to get a My Little Pony. I can remember picking a pony at the store and afterwards going to McDonald's to celebrate. I got a McNugget Happy Meal and my new pony got to sit at the table with us. I can picture the exact booth we sat in at that McDonald's back home. It's one of my absolute favorite memories. I had a lot of wonderful toys when I was little. And I love it when a special toy sneaks into my head so I can think of all the times I spent playing with it. Mostly, my Ponies weren't "played" with but rather had their hair brushed constantly. I *loved* brushing their manes and tails.

Photo credit: Pony Land Tours
Here is a pic of the pony I got in my memory when we went to McDonald's. Her name is Lofty!

Photo credit: eBay
This was another pony I loved. I played with her so much her cutie mark wore off. Her name is Sunnybunch.

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And now let me introduce you to Hula Hula! She was my all time favorite because she had the SOFTEST HAIR. It never tangled and was soooo silky. I was so jealous of her hair (mine was crazy frizzy) .. I loved brushing it and was so envious of her multiple colors :) I guess My Little Pony influenced my hair styling choices! :D


There's a bunch of other toys I absolutely adored as a child. And I am so thankful my mom would get them for me. So as I think of awesome memories I will probably make more posts like this one. I also want to mention that I am really hooked on the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It's the cutest show and all the characters are so unique. Since I am not sure if my mom kept my old ponies, I have started a new collection with the new series. So someday I can make a post on that, too. ^.^

Do you have a favorite childhood toy?


  1. I couldn't help smiling the whole way through this post. I just posted about how much I loved My Little Pony a couple days ago! :)

  2. I loved this post. I was obsessed with MLP. I love the board game soo very much. My fave childhood toy were my SheRa action figures.

  3. I had hardly any toys as a kid, just a couple of these ponies shared with my little sister and a toy phone. I remember my little sister cut off the mane of one and it was one of the saddest days everrrr hahaha
    x atelier zozo

  4. I still have a Rainbow Dash doll in my room :D Awesome blog by the way, I'm following you now!


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