Saturday, December 14, 2013

WhoFest DFW 2013

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, my mom and I attended a local convention called WhoFest! This was its first year and tickets for it sold out! I was only able to attend on Friday (it was a three day event), but still had a blast with all the other Whovians. There weren't any celebrity guests, but it did have numerous discussion panels, a cosplay contest, and a really great dealers room.

This was my outfit for WhoFest. I wore a Link/Doctor Who crossover shirt from TeeFury and the 4th Doctor's scarf from ThinkGeek.

This Dalek could light up, move, and yell Exterminate! at you! Eek! 

My favorite costume was by my friend Jeremy (far right). He was dressed up as Craig from the "Closing Time" episode with baby Stormageddon.

This River Song outfit was spot on!

I also loved this Doctor Whooves costume. It's a My Little Pony character!

And my good friend CookieCupCakes was there, too in her fabulous homemade costume!

The dealer's room was very impressive. Even though it wasn't very big, the booths had some excellent Doctor Who swag to buy. I got a free poster with my ticket purchase and also decided to buy some arm warmers the same pattern as my scarf.

The Piranha Toys booth never disappoints either. It was a great photo area.

And here's the Dalek in action!

Oh no! It brought reinforcements!

They were building a Tardis the whole time we were there.. and almost had it finished by the time we needed to leave. It was made of wood and had lights in it and everything. Would be so cool to have this at home, don't you think? :)


Do you watch Doctor Who?
What did you think of the 50th Anniversary special?
Which Doctor is your favorite?


  1. I think david tennant was my favorite doctor. I thought this episode of doctor who was awesome. Also i think you police box would be a cool addition.

  2. Such a huge event. You looked fantastic and you wore your new scarf. :) I've never gotten into Dr Who but it is so rad to see people all coming together to celebrate.

  3. How cool! Love your t-shirt and that Dalek is huge!
    My favorite Doctor Who episodes are the ones with David Tennant. I haven't been watching the past two seasons but I would still love to go to a Whofest haha.
    x atelier zozo

  4. I like the 9th Doctor, but I am really liking the 10th, and 11th more and more... its so hard to decide!

  5. I love that someone actually dressed up as Craig, complete with Stormageddon. Amazing. I definitely have a soft spot for the Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, but I'm afraid David Tennant will always be "my" Doctor.

  6. So awesome!! It seemed like such a fun event! I bought tickets to see it at the local cinema and I love, love it!! Eccleston will always be my favorite. I just love his season!! And to see someone dressed up a Craig is great. I love that eppy!!

  7. That's so epically awesome!
    I enjoyed the 50th special a lot! And the previews with the 8th Doctor turning into 8.5 (John Hurt).

    While Eccleston is my first Doctor, and will always have a soft spot, 10 and 7 are my favorites. Ace, Rory, and River are my favorite companions!
    This was the show my husband and I started together, so it's EXTRA special as it's our first (but not last) fandom we got into together, before we were even engaged.


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