Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dallas Sci Fi Expo 2014

This year for Dallas Sci Fi Expo I dressed up as Shredder from TMNT and decided to film some of my adventure! Last year's expo was one of my favorite cons of the whole year. I was really looking forward to attending again and seeing all my friends!

The guest list was quite impressive. I recognized all of the names and was surprised by a few of them. Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond in Doctor Who was there along with Richard Dreyfuss who was in Jaws. I was most excited to see Stephen Amell who stars in the tv show Arrow. Sadly, I didn't get a VIP ticket this time so I decided not to wait in the 2+ hour lines to get any autographs.

The event was still a lot of fun. I stood by Karen Gillan's table and she waved at me as she was leaving. I also saw a few of the Face Off contestants and took pictures of the Blues Brothers mobile. The only Q&A I was able to get into was for Stephen Amell. After I walked the cosplay red carpet I hauled butt upstairs and waited in line for a hour for a *chance* to get into the Q&A room. Thankfully I made it in right before he came on stage. I just finished season 1 of Arrow on Netflix, and I LOVE it! I am so glad I was able to at least see him talk.

My costume was pretty easy to wear. I did heavy eye makeup and got to wear comfortable clothing.

The armor was a little cumbersome (and I did break two spikes from bumping into people), but I enjoyed having my face covered. This way I didn't have to worry about "am I smiling ok? do I look tough?"

On the fourth floor of the convention was a booth by Superhero Photos. He took some pictures of my Black Widow cosplay. When my mom and I got closer we both said "Whoa!!" as we noticed my giant poster! I couldn't believe that was me ^.^ Too bad my name wasn't anywhere on it :(

I was happy to see the lovely Mindy dressed as Rogue. She looked gorgeous! Check out her awesome blog The Geeky Seamstress!

My friends Marla and David made last minute TMNT costumes to wear the morning of the convention. I almost didn't see them before they changed clothes, but I am so glad we got some photos! They looked incredible!

Here is the car from the Blues Brothers! It's not the actual one from the movie, but it's the only one that is considered nearly identical! I am a huge Blues Brothers fan so I was very excited to see this.

This is Stephen Amell during his Q&A. There's a little bit of footage of him talking in my video. He was soooo cool!! :D

The dealer's room is my favorite place to shop for goodies. It also features a lot of great comic artists. I was happy to find my friend Taylor Lymbery's table. You may have seen his banner on the side of my blog. He's an awesome local artist so be sure to check out his work!

And what's a convention without some Stormtroopers?! These guys always look so rad. That's also my friend Sean who made a last minute Punisher outfit that I think turned out great!

As I was leaving the convention, I ran into my friend Lori from GirlHero! I love reading her blog and was super excited we got to meet up and take a pic.

Even though I didn't get any celebrity autographs, I still had a fantastic time at Dallas Sci Fi Expo! Next time I plan to get a VIP ticket again. They really are worth the price so you can cut to the front of lines.

Photo credit: Ken Pearson
Also, I am so thankful for all the compliments on my Shredder cosplay. In case you missed it, I posted a detailed tutorial on how I made the whole costume. Let me know if you plan to make a Shredder outfit!

The next convention I'll be attending is the Dallas Comic & Pop Expo. I don't have a costume planned for it, but I definitely want to get Nicholas Brendon's autograph. He played Xander in Buffy the Vampire Slayer!


So if you went to Dallas Sci Fi Expo what did you think?
Did you have fun?


  1. It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Man I'm so jealous of all the cons you get to go to! But I love that you share a lot about them :D Your Shredder costume looks so good!

  3. Your Shredder costume is the coolest thing ever!

  4. Aw, thanks, Anna! It was so cool to see your Shreddder costume in person. It turned out great!

  5. Mmmmmmmmhhhh... sexy, sexy stormtroopers... *_*

  6. Your Shredder really is fantastic! I love Girl Hero's site and will have to check out Geeky Seamstress and Taylor's art!

    Looks like it was a blast! I caught up on Arrow in the nick of time for season 2! It's really good.

  7. It was great seeing you there, Anna and I loved the Shredder outfit!

  8. Great pics!
    I still can't get over your awesome Shredder :D


  9. Amazing!! It looks like so much!

  10. It was awesome running into you!!

    And that last photo of you looks amazing!

  11. oh my goodness. you look amazing! sounds like you had a great time, too.

  12. Dude. You are amazing. I think your shredder cosplay is my fave so far. How cool is it that your black widow was made into a poster? So awesome.

  13. PS: Your dancing at the end of the video is adorable.

  14. Hehe I love the random guy in your dance video...too adorable


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