Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Things #21

I just got back from Sci Fi Expo so I'll be working on that post soon. For now here are lots of happy things to share with you! (Click on the photos to see them bigger.)

I have been working on decorating my room since I moved. Here is my makeup desk! I painted this myself and was using this in my salon. The moon mirror is from my room growing up that my parents thankfully kept. I love it!

I also love this colorful corner next to my bed. I think I might mount some shelves on that wall where the bulletin board is so I can put more toys and stuffed animals out. :P

I am really late posting this but here's a glimpse at some of the fun things I got for Christmas. 

I found this Shredder Funko Pop! toy at the bookstore while at the mall. I would love to have all the turtles some day, too! 

My hair is ridiculously thick and since I've been growing it out it's really getting out of hand. I don't think I'm ready to cut it yet so instead I bought some scrunchies to pull it up! These are so comfy to sleep in and add a pop of color to your outfit.

My mom taught me how to crochet when I was young, but I couldn't find my crochet hook. So the other day I bought a new one and got some yarn! I learned how to make a flower from this YouTube video and attached a hair clip to the back. These Disney Princess inspired flowers and starfish rings are listed in my Etsy store

It was about this time last year that my dad and I began planning our trip to Disney World. So I think that's why I am on such a Disney kick right now. We probably won't be going back this year, so instead I am decking myself out in Disney gear. I got these awesome Little Mermaid leggings at Target for only $15! I even bought the movie on Blu-Ray and have already watched it twice.

When I found out one of my favorite tattoo artists Matt Van Cura was in town I knew I had to get something from him before he left. A couple years ago he tattooed my Harry Potter themed tattoo. It's one of my absolute favorites. So I knew I could trust him to do an awesome job again. I got Ariel on my leg and am blown away by how amazing she came out. I love her so much!

This fun photo was taken at my friend Krystle Starr's house. She and her fiancé needed some people to help film a video for All-Con. I had so much fun dancing and being goofy with all my friends! I went back a couple days later dressed as Ramona Flowers to film some more. You can watch the video here

My dad got tickets to a Dallas Stars hockey game for Christmas! I was so excited to go with him. We had pretty great seats and ate a ton of food. We were even featured on the big screen for a few seconds! I was happy the Stars won that night, too! 

Pixie has been just as silly as ever. I love her so much =^.^=
The second picture is an app called Comic Touch 2.0. Maybe I'll make a Pixie comic series!


What has made you happy lately? :)


  1. Pixie comic! And I love your new ink. It came out great.

  2. Your room is so cute! I actually just put up my sci-fi days blog post. I can't believe I missed you! I only saw your costume a few times. I was really coo!

  3. I found a good condition copy of the Paper Mario 64 strategy guide! I love strategy guides :D

  4. Your room looks great! I'm so jealous of that gorgeous mirror! You new tattoo is beautiful, too!!

  5. I love your vanity table and mirror. Pixie is super cute too!

  6. Lately the thing that has made me happy is getting my SDCC badges! My whole "crew" (we dubbed ourselves the Underground Railroad) got what they wanted.

    A regular Comic Con miracle!

    (really, we're all STILL in shock about it).

  7. I love your make-up desk, it's just too awesome! ^^

  8. Your tattoo turned out amazing! I was thinking of getting a Harry Potter tattoo as well but I'm not quite sure what to get. Can I see pictures of yours for ideas?

  9. Your Ariel tattoo is stunning!!!!!!!!!! And by the way your happy corner in your room made my mind explode.

  10. Loving the Ariel tattoo. And so many cute plushies! Loving the tokidoki plush! Need that! I swear I see the ninja turtle pop figures everywhere! Moreso than the shreader. Hope you find them.


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