Thursday, February 27, 2014

Loot Crate Unboxing: February 2014

I didn't make an unboxing video for this Loot Crate box because I wanted to open it right away! A couple of my friends got their boxes a day earlier than me and said my picture was in the magazine inside this month's box! I wanted to see it for myself so I dived right in!

Real quick - if you don't know what Loot Crate is it is a subscription box you get once month with geeky gamer goodies. Each month has a different theme and usually comes with stickers, a tshirt, toys or accessories. You never know what to expect which is why they encourage people to film an "unboxing video" so you can witness people's reactions to the fun stuff inside!

This month's theme was Warriors!

Here is the magazine that comes in each box. They talk about each of the products you get and other geeky chit chat.

There's always a Wall of Looters in it, too, which is where my photo was located! If you take a picture with your box and use #LOOTCRATE in the caption on Twitter or Instagram they may use your photo!

Here are some of the items in the box this month. I got a KidRobot figure!

This cute bow tie from Black Tie Geek. Other people got a CatBug colored tie! I'll probably turn mine into a hair clip.

I want to note that they do ask you what shirt size you'd like to receive when you sign up. So even though you may not get a shirt every time, if you do they will send you the size you request :) I asked for a Men's Small.

I was most excited for this cinch bag. These are what I like to use as my purse and you can never have too many.

So if you're interested in signing up for Loot Crate visit their website using my link - because I get rewards if enough people sign up! Here's a coupon code for $3.00 off a subscription: FEBLOOT


Do you receive Loot Crate boxes?
Did you see my face in the magazine? (lol)


  1. I'm not currently signed up for loot box, but it really does seem fun!

    I like the tshirt and bow!

  2. I can't believe you were in the magazine. That is soo awesome.

  3. Oh man, this looks so good!
    I'm getting tempted to sign up, if I ever do I will be sure to use your link :D


  4. Everybody showing their LootCrate is really tempting! Maybe next month I'll finally cave and try it out.

  5. I saw your face!!! :)
    I was wishing I would have gotten a bot instead of a dunny....but I'll live. :)
    I love Loot Crate!

  6. OMG how awesome!!! This is the sort of box I would sign up for.

  7. I got the Catbug bow tie in my loot!! I am tempted to buy a button up so I can wear it as a tie but I've been toying with turning it into a hair bow as well. And I got a different vinyl figure! I need to post my loot!

  8. So awesome you were in the magazine! I use to have a subscription but canceled it when I was still going to school since it got pricey... I think I'll join back up again! I miss the monthly surprises <3

  9. That bow is super-cute! It's so cool that you ended up in the booklet.

  10. GAH! I KNEW I should have asked for the Feb crate!! CatBug tie! So perfect!
    Congrats on being in the zine!


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