Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Purple and Green Hair

I finally told myself it was time to try green hair! I've done turquoise before, but have been a little nervous to do green. I didn't want it to look like pool water. I am very happy with how it turned out! Here's some info on the process I used to achieve this look.

First I put the bleach on my roots that had grown out. Then with the extra bleach I had I started at the very bottom of my hair and worked it up a little with my hands.

The tips bleached out very quickly so I rinsed the bottom out with cold water then let my roots sit a few more minutes. After they were done I washed all my of hair and dried it. 

Then I used RAW's Deep Purple and mixed it with a little conditioner to lighten it and applied that to my roots. I kind of feathered it down the hair so there wouldn't be a harsh line. I did the same with the bottom (just worked my way up instead) and used Special Effects Iguana Green.

Here's a shot of it in the sunlight! I love how the green tone looks! I am kind wanting to go all over green now. Hehe. I do think these color combinations will look better when I curl my hair. So I'm going to try that next.

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A few of my friends said it reminds them of Spike from My Little Pony! Yay!


  1. The color looks amazing! Been thinking of doing a dark green after my red hair and the dye you used looks perfect, although bleaching all of my hair is a bit scary!

  2. Oh I love it! My first thought was Hulk! LOL

  3. I love the green and purple together. I am way too chicken to dye my hair crazy colours, but I love it on other people!

  4. I love it! I've had green hair and I've had purple hair to. But I've never combined the both of them.
    It looks great! (Which means I need to try it!)

  5. I was thinking more old school Joker, but I LOVE Spike! So cute.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking! Very Joker-esque! The colours look great :)

  6. Purple and Green have always been my two favorite colors. I love how deep they are! So cute!!

  7. Your best hair yet! You look so rad!!!

  8. I LOVE your hair! I'd never be able to pull it off!

    - Kerri

  9. You look great! Super cute.

  10. I love it! Your hair looks awesome!!

  11. I love it so much! You could totally pull off all over green.

  12. That colour really suits you. Your hair looks great! I've been wanting to get blue highlights in my hair for a while now, but since I'm job hunting, I'm not sure I can...

  13. The green looks fantastic! :)


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