Friday, March 14, 2014

Tutorial: Adventure Time Fionna Cosplay


If you're a fan of Adventure Time then I am sure you've thought about wielding your own crystal sword and bunny hat! So this tutorial is for you :)

I found all of my supplies at Walmart. The hat, however, was purchased at Hot Topic. It looks like Fionna's is sold out online but they still have Finn's for sale. There's also a lot of great hats for sale on Etsy!

I bought an XL shirt and took it in on the sides. This way it would still be extra long. I am holding it with my hand here. I also shortened the sleeves. The skirt is actually a dark blue tank top. I cut it in half and hemmed it to make it into a skirt.

This sword was in the toy section at Walmart. It's made of foam. I cut the top and added some extra styrofoam to rebuild the point. I used some styrofoam to make the little square gem at the bottom, too. Then I wrapped it in masking tape and spray painted it. The tip looked kinda wonky, though, so I decided to re-cut it.

I shortened the point to give it a little better shape. Then I just re-taped it and spray painted it again.

The backpack took a little more effort. I didn't use a pattern at all. I completely made this up as I went.
So first I used a bowl to get a basic shape.

I cut out four half circles - 2 of each color.

Then I laid them on top of each other and stitched the edges together. But make sure to leave the straight part (where I am pointing) open!

For each strap you need one rectangle of each color.

I stitched one color at a time then combined them.

Then I used stuffing to make the straps look thicker.

Be sure you add a button to the outside!

I did a terrible job attaching my straps to the backpack so don't zoom in, but you get the idea here!

Finally bend your backpack around so you can sew it together. I put more stuffing into mine since this isn't a real backpack.


And the back!

I originally made some socks using little girls stockings and paint, but they were awful. So I found these at American Apparel. They come with three blue lines so I just folded the top down to hide the top line. And since my shoes didn't have a black strap across them I slipped a black rubber band on my foot!

My wig is from Arda Wigs. It is a Luthien in Titanium Blonde. I bought this to use for a different costume, but it worked well for this, too.

This print is for sale in my Etsy shop!

Edited this blog post to add this pic of Pixie as Cake! Since people always ask me "Where's Cake?" Lol

This is my friend Krystle Starr as Princess Bubblegum! We filmed a fun video together you can see here.


Which character is your favorite from Adventure Time?
Let me know if you wear this cosplay!


  1. So cute! And that rubber band idea--so creative! I would've never thought of that or noticed that it was a rubber band! My favorite character is a toss up between Marceline and LSP!

  2. Cool costume. ^^

  3. I always like your tutorials because you explain and show everything so easily. I like a lot of characters, but the first ones that come to mind are Simon, Marceline, Flame Princess, and the cats who live in cardboard boxes, lol.

  4. Amazing Fiona cosplay!!
    BEEMO!! I love beemo. ^_^


  5. Great tutorial! I definitely wanna try making the crystal sword sometime. My fave characters are PB, Marcelline, Fionna, and Cake! But I love all of them!

  6. Killer Fionna cosplay! Especially love the way the sword came out~


  7. You look just like her. The design of the sword was so clever.

  8. NICE! :D
    I would love to write a lot more, but my english really sucks... xD >_>

  9. Cute cosplay! I've been wanting to cosplay Fionna for the longest time, and hopefully your tutorial will help!

  10. It looks great! This would probably make a great 1st time cosplay for someone!

  11. Awesome costume!!!

  12. I love that costume so much! Now all I have to find is a tutorial about making a Cake costume for a miniature horse!
    LOL! l . l <(0.0)> KURBY!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Pixie is the spitting image of cake. Nobody puts Pixie in the corner.

  14. Awesome idea for the skirt!I kept googleing "short blue skirt" and things along those lines and they were all either pleated, too long, too short or too expensive! Thanks for this awesome tutorial


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