Thursday, April 3, 2014

30 Day Disney Challenge: Day 1, 2, 3

I still need to organize all my convention photos from March because I totally spent the last few days playing the Google Maps Pokemon Challenge. (And I totally found Mew!) So here's a fun 30 day Photo Challenge I found on Instagram. It looks like colorful-cotton changed her tumblr to so she gets credit for this nifty list :)

Day 1 - Your favorite character:
I chose Ariel because I've loved her since I was little. Every time I went swimming I would pretend to be a mermaid. There's something enchanting and magical about them. I love her bright colors and curious personality.

Day 2 - Your favorite princess:
Rapunzel is my absolute favorite princess. I love that she is creative, loving and a dreamer. She's not afraid to try new things or take risks. She comes across as very relatable since she didn't know she was a princess growing up. Her attitude about life is very admirable.

Day 3 - Your favorite heroine:
In Frozen, Anna showed true bravery when she went to save her sister Elsa. She didn't even stop to think about it; saving her was automatic. Anna's determination and act of selflessness makes her my favorite heroine in a Disney movie.


Feel free to comment below with your answers and play along with me!


  1. I love Anna and Elsa! I really liked how the "True Love" was about siblings and they are the first people we learn to love--despite our arguments with them.
    My answers:
    1). Tinkerbell 2). Tiana, Belle, or Leia 3).Mulan!

  2. Favorite character: Mulan
    Favorite princess: Jasmine
    Favorite heroine: Hmm...It's a tie between Pocahontas and Belle!

  3. Oh I play the Pokemon Challenge on Google Maps, too! I gave up looking because I have a really short attention span, haha! I want to play this Disney challenge, but I have to put thought into each one... >_<

  4. What an awesome challenge! I think I'm going to jump in!
    1. My ultimate favorite character is Lilo from Lilo and Stitch
    2. My most favorite princess is Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
    3. My favorite heroine has got to be Maid Marian from Robin Hood
    4. My favorite prince is Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty
    Thanks for posting! I can't wait to see the rest!

  5. Okay I've followed you on Instagram for a while because I started following some cosplayers from the Dallas Comic Con since I go every year :D And then I started seeing how much we had in common based off all the stuff you post, I'm a hairstylist as well! So anyways this is my first comment on your site and it's because I'm such a huge Disney fan!
    1. My ultimate favorite character is Meg from Hercules. I think she is so strong! She's never mentioned in most Disney conversation and I just think she's so underrated!
    2. My most favorite princess is Ariel, I've got the biggest fascination with mermaids and her voice is my favorite among everyone!
    3. My favorite heroine is Kida from Atlantis! She's beautiful and strong. The best combo!

  6. Belle's honest and trusting personality, and her selfless character, convinced the beast to make an exchange: freeing her father in exchange for her imprisonment.
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