Tuesday, April 29, 2014

G33K3: The Con

G33K3 (pronounced "geeky") was a new convention in McKinney, Tx. It was quite a bit smaller than others, but that's great because it was only $10 to get in! Although it was a 3 day convention, I only went on Saturday. I still had a really fun time!

I decided not to wear a costume, but that gave me the chance to wear some fun clothes for a change.
Batman shirt - ThinkGeek
Batman leggings - Hot Topic
Black skater skirt - Wet Seal
Pink checkered shoes - Vans
Legend of Zelda earrings - Ragin' Gauges

When I walked in I was shocked by how many vendors were there!

The selection of items was incredible.

I was excited to see my friend Long Le with a table full of his handmade D20s!

Another booth had these amazing trinkets for sale.

My friend Geline hosted an armor making panel, too. It was SO informative! I learned a lot about Worbla and craft foam.

Several people were in cosplay, including my friend Enasni Volz. She also had handmade charms for sale at her table.

Fangirls: Dames of the Round Table is an all female video cast you can watch on Sundays on Deep Ellum Air. I enjoyed seeing Taylor and Natalie at their table!

Photo credit: Cosplay With Me
This photo was taken by Cosplay With Me of Morgan as Rapunzel and Krystle Starr as the Pink Panther! I wanted to share how cute their costumes were!


I hope this convention happens again next year because it was very well run. If they would advertise a little bit more then I imagine more and more people will come out!

Do you prefer bigger or smaller conventions?


  1. Looks like it was a blast! Smaller conventions are nice because you really feel like a part sometimes. But large ones are in the way that they affirm you're not alone in the 'verse type of thing.

    Going to all types are the best. Kind of like food, you can't just try one thing once and decide from there (unless there's an allergy). Gotta give it a few shots before deciding I think. :)

  2. That looks like it was super fun! Those giant D20's look like they belong on my nerd wall :P so cool!

  3. It looked like such a fun convention. I love your Batman outfit :)

  4. Sounds funny! (: Wow, it's really small.. :O But YEAH look at these BIG dices! :D <33 woah
    You look great! <33 love your hair style.


  5. I love smaller conventions! It looks like you had a great time!

  6. Looks like loads of fun!
    Your hair looks gorgeous.



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