Monday, July 14, 2014

Review: Kuzy Keyboard Cover

My Mac desktop had seen better days so I've been saving up to buy a new one for awhile now. I finally upgraded and have been loving my new computer! One thing I wanted to take extra care of was the keyboard. I never used a keyboard cover on my other computer and with all the Pixie fur and Pop Tart crumbs around my desk I really wished I had. So I checked out Amazon and found that the Kuzy Silicone Keyboard Cover had over 1,900 reviews and a 4 out 5 star rating! At only $6.95 and free standard shipping I just couldn't pass up this deal. It even arrived a few days earlier than Amazon had predicted and was in my mail box 5 days after ordering.

It came well packaged in a bubble wrap envelope. The cover is designed to fit most MacBook laptops and since the newer desktops have the same keyboard design it fit it as well. (My old computer had the keyboard with the number pad, which I admit I sometimes miss.)

The silicone is very thin and flexible. I laid it on top of my keyboard with ease and found that it fit snugly around the keys. I did have to smooth my hand over it to make sure it was stretched from corner to corner well, but this took mere seconds to do. I like that the silicone extends passed the keys, too. Like I said earlier, I eat a lot of Pop Tarts and other snacks while at the computer so I'm glad this will help prevent crumbs from getting stuck under the keys. The cover also comes off with a simple lift to make for easy cleaning. 

The colors are exceptionally vibrant! I chose the rainbow design, but it comes in 20 different colors. I'm curious how quickly the colors will rub off after daily use. For now I have only noticed a few color splotches on some keys, and I had to get up close to even see them. Typing feels a little different, but was easy to adapt to. You don't feel or hear the click of the keys as much. My fingers don't seem to move the cover at all though, and I still type just as fast as I did without it. Only con would be that the light on the caps lock key doesn't show up as brightly when it's on, but that's minor.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the quality and cuteness of this keyboard cover. The best part is that it's so affordable! I can't even imagine not using it now. It adds a great pop of color to my desk, and I can relax knowing my keys are protected.


I want to mention that Kuzy in no way asked me to review their product. I found this on Amazon on my own and wanted to try it out!


  1. Very cute! When I was in school my teacher was sooo paranoid about us getting her mac keyboards dirty. I remember we all had to clean our keyboards every day at the end of class and wash our hands when we entered class and came back from lunch... She should have bought some cute covers like this!! :P

  2. That is so cute! I can never find cute keyboard covers for my PC laptop. I need one because I'm always eating around my laptop which in truth I should stop but who am I kidding...

  3. So cute! I wish there were nice looking covers like that for my old Toshiba lap top, but I guess I just need to be more careful with my pop tarts ;)

  4. I love the colours. Such an awesome idea. My mac keyboard has so much kitty hair and cookie crumbs in it.

  5. So cute!! Now I might have to do a little online shopping myself. Haha

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