Monday, July 28, 2014

Tutorial: Furry Ears

After watching the incredible Commander Holly make a Rocket Raccoon cosplay for SDCC, I was inspired to make some raccoon ears myself! I figured this would be fun to wear to the premiere of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I looked up pictures of raccoon ears for reference, but you could use this tutorial to make cat, bear, fox, or any furry ears!

What you'll need:
A headband, wire, wire cutter, craft foam, fake fur, scissors, hot glue, Sharpies

1) Cut your wire to make two ear shapes on your headband. Then sandwich some craft foam around the wire to hide it.
2) Cut your fake fur a little bigger than the foam ears and sandwich them the same way. 
3) Glue it all the way around with hot glue.
4) Gently color your fur with your choice of Sharpie. I started with black in the middle, silver around that, and then left the edges white. I would have liked to have added brown, but I didn't have a brown Sharpie with me. :)

Keep adding color to it until it suits your fancy! I also colored the back of my ears to look striped like a raccoon. And since there is wire in the ears you can bend them! I cupped mine a little and folded one ear down more than the other.

Now you're ready to guard the galaxy as one of the most fierce raccoons ever!


These ears were so easy to make! I would love to make more in different colors. Let me know if you use this tutorial!

What animal ears would you like to wear?
Will you be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy?


  1. Kitty ears! [because I wear them enough already... Lol]

  2. These came out great! I'd totally make kitty ears and YES my husband and I are planning on watching Guadians of the Galaxy :)


  3. Totally going to wear these when I see guardians next week.

  4. So fluffy!
    These would look so cute in Cheshire Cat colours too :O


  5. Oh wow! This was simpler than I thought! Awesome job!

  6. So cute! And easy too, A+. I can't wait to see this movie.

  7. These would be perfect if you wanted to cosplay as Barf from Spaceballs.





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