Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I was nominated by my friend Ashleigh and Chris to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! To be honest, I didn't know much about ALS before these videos had gone viral. It's been enjoyable watching celebrities and friends get drenched, but more importantly I have learned about a disease that needs awareness. Please visit ALSA.ORG to learn more and donate if you can (I did!) This article by Bo Stern also gave me a lot of insight on ALS and what this ice bucket movement is doing for families.

I've nominated my friends Natalie Green, Jeremy of Cosplay With Me, and Cazz of Nerd Burger to take the challenge! :)


  1. Awesome challenge!! A fellow blogger nominated me. ^_^ Definitely heading to the site to learn about the cause.

    - Harlynn

  2. Awesome! The company I work for does lots of charity work for ALS so we're all doing the challenge (and donating!)! My department got iced yesterday! :)

  3. Thumbs up for doing it!!! I'm also glad you wrote about it, added links, and gave information. I've seen a lot of people just say they are doing this but don't offer information! =)

  4. Love it! Thanks for spreading the awareness :)


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