Thursday, August 7, 2014

Happy Things #24

Here are some things that have made me happy lately!

I am an avid collector of My Little Pony merchandise, and the blind bags you find at Target or Walmart are no exception! I have several duplicates of random ponies so I decided to make hair clips out of them! I have a few that I might put in my Etsy store if there's enough interest in them :)

Having duplicates doesn't stop me from buying more ponies. I recently got this sparkly Fluttershy!

Here's Pixie sitting in a tutu!

Owning a pair of Gunnar glasses has been on my wish list for awhile. When I saw they would be at Quake Con (which was a free gaming event) I decided to go and check them out. These were considerably cheaper since I got to buy them from an official booth and not online. I had LASIK on my eyes several years ago, and the bright screen isn't the best thing to look at for hours. The glasses really do make things sharper, and my eyes don't feel as stressed out now.

My Gunnar glasses get a lot of use out of them! I've been playing Guild Wars 2 a whole bunch lately. I kinda play sporadically. But Pixie loves sitting by while I battle dragons.

I played so much lately that I finally got my main character to level 80! I also earned my first title "The Sunbringer"! Ooooohh!!

My friend Krystal had a birthday/moving out party a few weeks ago, and it felt like a perfect time to wear my Hello Kitty dress. I got this from Macy's last year, and it still had the tags on it!

I also brought these delicious cookies to Krystal's party. 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire was released several months ago now, and I had entered a few online contests to try and win a signed book and exclusive hoodie. Well, a few days ago this package showed up at my door! I never received an email saying I won, but I assume it was one of the many blogs that was hosting it. I didn't win the signed book, but seeing the hoodie and rune tattoos gave me the boost I needed to finally finish reading the book.

You are probably looking at this photo and going "Huh?" Haha so let me explain! This is a bowling ball in my backyard! It's something fun my family likes to find at garage sales and thrift stores. We put the bowling balls around our garden. They kinda look like giant marbles. We found this ball at the local Trade Days for only $5. 

My last Happy Things item is this shirt I ordered from Amazon. I have no shame in admitting I love One Direction, and I'm super pumped to see them in concert in a few weeks! So I ordered this shirt to wear to the show. :)


What has made you happy lately?


  1. You have some excellent happy things!!! ^^

  2. That Hello Kitty dress is so cute!!! And those glasses seem like something I need since I have recently decided to delve into Assassin's Creed...and have become a little bit of an addict heehee!
    Also, since I work with computers, it seems like a good investment!

  3. Great idea with the duplicate blind bags. I do love me some mystery minis.


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