Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Gothic Lolita Wigs

The latest wig I added to my collection is the Classic Wavy in Deep Pink by Gothic Lolita Wigs. Most of my wigs are from Arda, but I loved the length and light curl this wig offered. I have never ordered from GLW so let me tell you a little about it!

This is how it came shipped. It came in TWO days!! I was so impressed with how fast their shipping was. It also came with a wig cap, which I think is great!! I lose mine all the time!

I gently took it out of the package to show you how they had stored it. It wasn't tangled or flattened at all.

This was after I ran my fingers through it to loosen the curls.

The inside of the wig has adjustable straps and 3 attached combs to help it stay secure while you wear it. Arda has the straps but not these combs. I loved this addition! Someone asked if these would fit larger heads, and I think it definitely will. Arda's might be a little bigger, but I didn't think this GLW wig was too snug at all.

This is me wearing it in my bathroom lighting. The pink is gorgeous!! Though it is called "deep pink" it is definitely more pastel in color.

I teased the bangs just slightly so they would stay to the side better. The hair strands stayed smooth and don't have a fake shiny look to them.

After combing it with my wig brush the curls had a lot of bounce to them, too! I love the length and fullness of this wig.

Here is a picture of it in the sunlight!

So overall I give Gothic Lolita Wigs an A+! The price is just right for this quality and how fast it shipped. I will definitely be ordering more from them!

Do you have a favorite wig company?


  1. Arda is my go-to when it comes to wigs [cos I feared my head would have been too fat for overseas' wigs..LOL] but I have used eBay a couple times and have been happy with the products from sellers there. :)

  2. It looks so pretty!! I like how it doesn't have that ultra shiny look to it.. you could fool people! lol I need that wig in all of the colors! XD

  3. I usually order my wigs from ebay shops. The price is low and the quality okay (for the price). Sometimes I'm frustrated, sometimes very happy.
    I've known GLW before but have never ordered one. The shipping costs to germany are not that low and there are also the taxes... -.- I hate it!!! Our betterment tax here is 19% so... I'd have to pay 19% additional to the TOTAL price.. (wig+shipping). This sucks so much. So... I guess I will still order my future wigs from ebay shops in GB.. :\

    Anyway! A nice wig and I love the bangs! (:

  4. I love that it comes with the combs already installed! That's a nice little perk! It looks really nice on you too! I normally use Arda or Epic!

  5. You look adorable with that wig :)

  6. That wig is gorgeous, thank you so much for the review.

  7. Oh wow, I have been looking for a wig just like that for ages, that one looks just gorgeous. I wonder what the shipping time would be to Australia. I am always so worried about buying things like wigs and shoes online, because you can never tell if they are going to be a good fit/colour/quality until you have them. Shipping is so expensive from the US (or anywhere) to Aus, and there is nothing more disappointing than spending a fortune on something that turns out to be terrible quality. So thank you for the review :) I might have to get me one of their wigs.


  8. LOVE the wig. The colour and style suits you perfectly. I have never heard a bad thing about gothic lolita wigs. I def will be buying from them soon.

  9. It's gorgeous! I've been eyeing GLW for a while now, so it's awesome seeing a review about it!

  10. Looks really sweet! But i prefer short wigs. I want a short pink wig!! T u T


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