Sunday, August 10, 2014

Share Your Blog or Fav Blogs

"Nrrrd Grrrl" by Jessica Grundy - available on Etsy
Hi friends! This is kind of a different post than usual. I am hoping some of y'all can help me with updating my blog reading list!

Since I got a new computer, my bookmarks got messed up :( So here's your chance to post your own blog or one you like to read a lot!

These are a few of my interests:

Cosplay, comic cons, fashion, makeup, hair dye, cats, gaming, fantasy (elves, fairies, magic), book reviews, kawaii, DIY

What I'd really like to start reading more of:

*Disney - any bloggers that might live in Florida or California and have annual passes and post about their daily trips! Also, Disney inspired outfits and cosplays.

*Easy recipes - I'm trying to cook more often, but need lots of guidance. Any *really* simple cooking blogs for beginners would be great.

Even if your blog doesn't fall into any of those categories, please post in the comments! I'd love to branch out more.

I've been trying to google search new blogs, but all I come up with are big named blogs with lots of ads. Thanks for your help, and I can't wait to see what y'all post :)

~Glitzy Geek Girl~


  1. Trying to find new blogs is SO HARD! I joined the Female Geek Blogger Community on Google+ and found some fun new blogs that way!

  2. Hi! I know how hard it is to find new blogs! I recently stumbled upon yours (I think through twitter?) and I'm so happy that I found it. I love your cosplays and your geeky posts. I'm already a fan :D I just re-started my own blog because I wasn't satisfied with my content and my layout, so there aren't many new posts on there yet, but feel free to check it out. I'm hoping to find more cosplay/geeky blogs to follow as well :) x -Mariska

  3. I'm with B, I found a bunch of great blogs and bloggers on Female Geek Blogger.

  4. As mentioned, Female Geek Bloggers on G+ is great! You're welcome to check out my blog as well: Fangirl Twirl

  5. I blog at Krystelle's Miss Tells ( I like reading Mama Needs Mana ( and also A Beautiful Mess (

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  6. I found your blog recently as we share most of the same interests, there's so many bloggers out there now it's hard to find ones that are relevant to your interests so if you find any good ones be sure to post them so we can check them out to :)

    my blog -

  7. Sounds pretty cool! I post fashion, makeup, hair, the occasional cosplay, and nerdy stuff! :) Love your blog/cosplays. My blog is called kennapayton

  8. Hey missy! I blog all about crafty things I do and roller derby, with a mix of geeky things thrown in there (usually geeky crafts) for good measure! Would be awesome if you wanted to check it out. :)

  9. Try these two &
    One does Disneyland, other Disney World , conventions, cosplay, general Geek.

  10. I'm so glad you posted this! I was also looking for some nerd blogs to read, so now I'm going to cherry-pick from the comments you collected. :P (not helpful, I know)

    I really like The Mary Sue but I think it's one of the big named blogs you were talking about. Fun to read, but not as good for interacting/building community. I'd share my blog, but other than 2 or 3 D&D posts, I don't really touch on any of the topics you want to read about.

  11. I just recently started my blog so I don't have much and I've been away for a bit due to medical problems but now I'm back and ready to start up again! I really wish for you to check it out though, I run Beauty with some Geek at Thanks!

  12. You might enjoy my blog :p

  13. is mine it's pretty much fashion and makeup meets all things nerdy

  14. For food I'm really digging Damn Delicious right now. Very basic recipes (mostly 20 mins or less), but super delicious.

  15. This is nice: perhaps you find new blogs you love and perhaps me too. Google is always so unsatisfying... Maybe you want to check out my blog, too ( It's in german so probably you just can view the pictures, but thats the main thing. Btw its all about Nerd-DIY.
    Sorry for my english and keep blogging, I love love love your Cosplay-Outfits and the pink hair ;)
    Grüße (as we say in Germany), Kerstin.

  16. Hey! Love your blog! :D
    My blog is just about art and mindfulness and positive living. Give it a gander, if you'd like!

  17. I mostly blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but also share my photography projects. The point is I write in Dutch so you won't understand what I write haha :p But I still hope you'll take a look!

  18. Hi, Anna! My blog is :D I post all sorts of geeky things like reviews, con recaps, cosplay stuff, and a whole lot more!


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