Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Texas Rangers Game 2014

Last week I went to a Texas Rangers baseball game! This was my third visit to a Rangers game but my first time to go with my dad. We are really big baseball fans, and he and I watch it on TV together all the time. I always told him that if I ever won the lottery I would buy season tickets for us.

We pulled up to the stadium and saw this cute noodle outside :P

Once we got inside, we were given this free garden gnome and cinch bag. The first 15,000 fans received the gnome - it was one of the reasons we picked this night to go! I can't wait to add him to my fairy garden.

We got there really early so we didn't have to mess with traffic so the stadium was pretty empty. It was very peaceful actually.

Since we had time to kill, we decided to walk around. This was a view of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the distance. Doesn't it look like a spaceship?

We were excited to find the Captain Morgan Club because above it is where Rangers Live broadcasts before the games. Mark McLemore even came to the window and waved at us! He played for the Rangers from 1995-1999.

I also loved this giant piggy bank. Look at his little hat :P

The best part of a ball game is the food. We had a few hot dogs and this huge pretzel!

Later on we treated ourselves to some dessert. I got a cookies n cream waffle cone and my dad ordered a root beer float.

This was a cool pic from behind home plate.

Our seats were further back behind third base, but we were still able to see and enjoy the game. I was so happy to have witnessed a home run by Robinson Chirinos and the Rangers won 2-1!

I had the best time and loved every minute of the game. Baseball is my absolute favorite sport! The season is over now, but I hope we get to attend more games next year. I'd also like to travel and watch a Chicago Cubs game with my dad some day.


Do you have a favorite sport or team?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Direction Concert - Dallas 2014

A few weeks ago I went on an adventure to see the band One Direction perform! I became a Directioner after seeing the guys perform Story of My Life on SNL. I couldn't believe how well they sang and the song really moved me. After that I bought all their albums and was instantly hooked. So when I first heard that the Where We Are Tour was making a stop in Dallas I just knew I wanted to get tickets. I was excited to see this specific tour because I had made a playlist of their setlist and had every song memorized!

The concert was held at AT&T Stadium which is where the Dallas Cowboys play football. I had never been to this stadium before so I left really early to avoid bad traffic. I was impressed with how well they had labeled the parking lots and had no trouble finding a spot.

While waiting for the doors to open, you could shop at the merchandise tent outside. I thought this was incredibly smart because you could buy everything you wanted and take it right back to your car and not have to carry it around during the show.

I decided to buy this purple and pink shirt. It photographed kinda dark but it's really a pretty color, and I like that it says the name of the tour at the bottom.

This is from the very back of the stadium. I loved that someone on Instagram said "bow ties are cool" .. At first I was like huh? But the backdrop totally looks like a bow tie! haha!

Since I went by myself to this concert I had to ask a stranger to take this pic for me. Luckily the place was swarming with young girls with nice mothers willing to help ^.^

I saw on Facebook that my cosplay friend Emily Ann was also at the show! So I messaged her the section I was in and she came by to say Hello!

Photo by Elizabeth Villarreal 
Since Emily had amaaaazzzzing seats I asked if I could post one of the photos she and her friends took. I can't believe how close they were to the stage! This photo didn't require any zoom at all!

I still had a decent view from my seat and was able to see the boys pretty well when they walked along the extended stage.

During one of the songs everyone turned their phones on and the whole place lit up like the night sky. It was truly breathtaking.

I really enjoyed how funny the guys were with each other. At one time Liam let the whole audience know that Harry sleeps with his hair in a bun. And another time Niall did a great Texas accent for us!

The stage itself was very impressive. They had a fantastic light show and small fireworks went off several times. I loved it when the stage extended up into the air because I could almost believe that maybe one of them saw me ^.^


I realize not everyone is a One Direction fan, and I totally respect that. But please don't say anything negative about my likes! I found that their concert was super professional and very entertaining. One of the best I've been to! It's been exciting to watch this 'cute boy band' turn into some highly talented young men. They can sing SO well. And they truly never stopped thanking the crowd and looking around the entire stadium with awe. Now I am looking forward to their next album!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Anime Fest 2014

This was my second year to attend Anime Fest. The first time was in 2012 (you can view the posts here and here.) This is a very fun convention because it's similar to AKon but just a little smaller in size. I can tell it's still grown since my first visit, though. The hotel it is at is one of my favorites in Dallas - the Sheraton. I love the layout and location. Anime Fest had many guests in attendance including the band FLOW as well as several voice actors and game developers. The other best part of this con are the fan-run panels. I was happy to provide some prizes for the Disney Panel which is always a very popular one to attend!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glitzy Geeky Confessions

Gamerwife invited bloggers to take the "Geeky Confessions" challenge so I decided to share mine with you! Be sure to head over to her page to visit the links from other bloggers that have opened up with their darkest geeky secrets :p

1. I've cosplayed a character I didn't know
I had never seen The Clone Wars before cosplaying as Asajj Ventress. The story is that I really wanted to do a Star Wars cosplay but wasn't sure who. I love the Star Wars movies and know who most of the females are in the films. I almost did Queen Amidala, but while googling more characters I came across Asajj Ventress and loved her character design. Having never seen the show, I decided to research her backstory and ended up really enjoying it. So although I had never been a fan of The Clone Wars - cosplaying Ventress turned me into one!

2. I'm not a Whovian
I've only seen maybe ..two entire episodes. I don't dislike it, though. In fact, I attended Who Fest 2013 with my mom and really had fun. I think the story ideas and fandom are very creative, but as far as watching the actual show .. I'll pass.

3. I love reading spoilers
I purposefully seek out spoilers for games, movies, and books. I frequently visit TheMovieSpoiler.com and read all the current movies as if they are short stories. And for certain TV shows I find it enjoyable to know what's going to happen next. It's like I have more anticipation and excitement!

4. I have a Twilight tattoo
This *should* be my most embarrassing confession. But if you know me then you know I don't really give a frack what people think of my love for certain fandoms! So yep - I have a pretty big Twilight tattoo on my arm. I even entered a "Are you the biggest fan" contest to try and win a trip to be in the second movie. (I can't believe I didn't win.) I did make sure the tattoo was done so well that it doesn't scream cheesy vampire romance. Most people don't even realize it's a Twilight reference. I still love it to this day.


What are some of your geeky confessions?

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Things #25

Most of these Happy Things pics were posted on my Instagram (@GlitzyGeekGirl) but they made me so happy they're worth blogging about, too!

I've been playing the new mobile game Tsum Tsum and quickly became a huge fan. My local Disney Store had these Tsums for sale, too! If you play be sure to add me so we can send hearts. My Line user ID is GlitzyGeekGirl.

Pixie would make a great Tsum don't you think? :P (Did you know Tsum Tsum means "stack stack" and the underneath side of the plushies are made for cleaning your phone's screen?)

A few weeks later I went back to the mall and got these goodies from the Disney Store.

I also finally put together my Lego Cinderella Castle. I will need to take a picture of my castle and figurines to show you how I displayed them!

This photo is from Anime Fest in the food court area of the hotel. They have large prisms up in the ceiling by the glass windows so giant rainbows spread across the floor. I hope to have my Anime Fest post up next so be sure to check back for that.

My dad treated me to IHOP one day recently where I ordered this delicious omelette with pancakes and hashbrowns. Anyone else LOVE breakfast foods? I sure do!

And lately I've really been enjoying the products found on Zulily. They have different specials each day and feature a lot of great clothes, kids toys, and home decor. I loved the My Little Pony and Frozen event they recently had (I got an Olaf backpack and some Funkos!) And today is a TOMS shoes event. Signing up is free and their mobile app is very easy to use. 
If you sign up please use my link!


What has made you happy lately?

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Vampire Diaries: Dallas Convention 2014

Last year I had attended Creation Entertainment's Vampire Diaries Convention and had one of the best times! (You can read about it here.) These cons are a little pricey but smaller in size and run incredibly professionally. It's a lot more intimate setting and a better chance to see/hear/meet the guests. However, Paul Wesley canceled last year, and I was super bummed because I had already met Ian Somerhalder before. So I decided to go again to try and get Stefan's autograph added to my poster!

I wore the shirt I bought at last year's con along with my Salvortore ring.

The convention was held at a nice hotel and had these cute standees in the dealer's room. Since I didn't pay for a photo op with the fellas I decided this selfie was good enough.

There was some great Vampire Diaries merch for sale including t shirts, mugs, stickers, jewelry and hats. I didn't buy anything this time since I already have 2 shirts and a hoodie ... and tons of jewelry :p

I found my seat in the panel room to watch the trivia contest and auction then saw my face on the screen!!! If you used the hashtag TVDDallas on Instagram they were posting the pics of fans on the screens! How cool is that!

The guest list was great but most were only coming on specific days. Since I was only attending on Saturday I got to see Stefan and Damon and Haley (Phoebe Tonkin). Haley was a werewolf on VD and also on The Originals. I was bummed that I couldn't meet Michael Trevino (who played Tyler Lockwood) because he was only attending Sunday. Oh well.

And here is Stefan and Damon!! I was so excited to finally see Paul Wesley! He was hilarious!! His character on VD is so serious all the time that it was a nice treat to see him more relaxed and make jokes. Ian Somerhalder was his usual "I'm so hot" self that he was kinda annoying to be honest. But the two together were great because they called each other "brother" and really seemed like good friends.

I couldn't take any pictures while getting Paul Wesley's autograph, but he was super super super super cute. Oh my god. He was so handsome!! When it was almost my turn I asked the lady in front of me if I looked okay then tried to remember to breath normally. I got to the table and he started signing my poster and I said how it was so nice to finally meet him since I missed him last year. He shook my hand and said thank you then I told him good luck at the Teen Choice Awards (which were the next day). Then I asked if I could shake it his hand one more time and he laughed and said sure. :D :D :D

The Vampire Diaries will always be one of the favorite TV shows, and I think it's the neatest thing that I've had the opportunity to meet several of the cast members. I only need Tyler, Alaric, Jenna, and Elena's autograph to have my poster finished.


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Once Upon A Time Cosplay: Evil Queen Regina Costume

I am so excited to share with you all my Once Upon A Time cosplay of the Evil Queen Regina!!!

This cosplay is special to me because it's proof you CAN use a Halloween costume for cosplay! Anyone that says you can't is silly. Sure, I enjoy making a lot of my own stuff, but sometimes I just don't have the time or money to make an entire cosplay from scratch. I've used pieces from Halloween stores for several of my cosplays in the past. So when Costume SuperCenter contacted me about modeling one of their costumes, I couldn't have been more stoked!! Going through their gallery was a lot of fun, too. They have SO MANY to choose from for all genres and fandoms.

After narrowing it down, I finally chose the Elite Wicked Queen costume. I picked this because it's not something I would know how to make on my own. Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon A Time wears some exquisite dresses, and the time and money it would take for me to find patterns and fabrics would have been stressful. The costume came in a dress bag inside a well-packaged box. 
**I chose a size Large - I'm 5'10 and about 145 pounds.**
More photos and lots of great details>>>

Monday, September 1, 2014

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