Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Anime Fest 2014

This was my second year to attend Anime Fest. The first time was in 2012 (you can view the posts here and here.) This is a very fun convention because it's similar to AKon but just a little smaller in size. I can tell it's still grown since my first visit, though. The hotel it is at is one of my favorites in Dallas - the Sheraton. I love the layout and location. Anime Fest had many guests in attendance including the band FLOW as well as several voice actors and game developers. The other best part of this con are the fan-run panels. I was happy to provide some prizes for the Disney Panel which is always a very popular one to attend!
I decided to wear comfy clothes to pick up my badge - Hello Kitty dress from Macy's, Toki Doki headband and my new wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs. I'm not sure where I got my jean vest at, but I decked it out with fun pins including one from Nerd Burger!

The dealer's room had rows and rows of goodies for sale including games, apparel, plushies, jewelry and even Ramune and Pocky.

There were also several cosplay supply booths. This one had some great wigs for sale!

While walking around the dealer's room I found this beautiful Belle cosplay and a very creative Dalek and Doctor!

This super cute Olaf even had his own personal snow cloud. Aww!

And my favorite were this two dressed as Mike and Sulley from Monsters University.

In the artists alley, I got to meet Carl Martin who was featured on this past season of Heroes of Cosplays on SyFy. He was incredibly nice and was taking his time to chat with everyone that came by his table.

This was a view of the artists alley from the escalator. I love that this part of the convention is free to explore. Meaning you don't need a badge to shop and browse here.

This was a Paint and Take room. They provided table top figures that you could paint and then bring home with you!

The next day I wore my Sailor Ariel cosplay. I met up with Alycen of Kirakira Cosplay and got a picture with her pool party Gaige.

And this is my good friend Payton of Schmall Cosplay. She makes incredible armor out of Worbla and won First place in the masters division contest for her Magic Armor Link costume she debuted on Sunday.

Photo by Avarice Conspiracy Photography
Our Disney Sailor Scout group met up to do another shoot and this time we had some new gals! Sailor Alice, Sailor Jane, Sailor Elsa, Sailor Ariel, Sailor Megara, and Sailor Belle

Photo by Avarice Conspiracy Photography
And this is my individual shot of my Sailor Ariel.

I didn't buy much at this con since I spent most of my money at AKon. But I did indulge on this cute bow ring for only $3. Anime Fest also provides really nice program books and badges that I will be adding to my collection.

I had a planned to debut a new surprise cosplay, but I wasn't feeling too great so I didn't get to wear it the next day. But I am hoping to wear it to Dallas Fan Days!


  1. Your Disney Sailor Scout group is great!! I love all the creativity in the outfits and just the whole concept! :)

  2. I love the Disney Sailor Scouts! What an awesome idea!!

  3. Disney Sailor Scouts = brilliant!

  4. This looks like such a fun convention. And I love those two cosplaying as Mike and Sully. What a fun take on the characters!

  5. Great photos! You just gave me so many ideas for disneybounding now :)

  6. Ahhh you look so cute in that pink wig!! :D and your Sailor Ariel is amazing!

    I love that Dalek and the Doctor cosplay too.

  7. Love your Little Mermaid Sailor Scout and that Olaf is too cute!

    xx Mallory @ Bad Wolf Brunch

  8. Your Toki Doki headband is amazing! :D

  9. Yay, all of you looked lovely in your Disney Sailor Scout costumes! I loved that Olaf as well :)

  10. You look so adorable in your pink wig and toki doki headband. I am so excited you wore the brooch :) Looks like such a run event. I love your scout group. SOO much talent.


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