Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glitzy Geeky Confessions

Gamerwife invited bloggers to take the "Geeky Confessions" challenge so I decided to share mine with you! Be sure to head over to her page to visit the links from other bloggers that have opened up with their darkest geeky secrets :p

1. I've cosplayed a character I didn't know
I had never seen The Clone Wars before cosplaying as Asajj Ventress. The story is that I really wanted to do a Star Wars cosplay but wasn't sure who. I love the Star Wars movies and know who most of the females are in the films. I almost did Queen Amidala, but while googling more characters I came across Asajj Ventress and loved her character design. Having never seen the show, I decided to research her backstory and ended up really enjoying it. So although I had never been a fan of The Clone Wars - cosplaying Ventress turned me into one!

2. I'm not a Whovian
I've only seen maybe ..two entire episodes. I don't dislike it, though. In fact, I attended Who Fest 2013 with my mom and really had fun. I think the story ideas and fandom are very creative, but as far as watching the actual show .. I'll pass.

3. I love reading spoilers
I purposefully seek out spoilers for games, movies, and books. I frequently visit and read all the current movies as if they are short stories. And for certain TV shows I find it enjoyable to know what's going to happen next. It's like I have more anticipation and excitement!

4. I have a Twilight tattoo
This *should* be my most embarrassing confession. But if you know me then you know I don't really give a frack what people think of my love for certain fandoms! So yep - I have a pretty big Twilight tattoo on my arm. I even entered a "Are you the biggest fan" contest to try and win a trip to be in the second movie. (I can't believe I didn't win.) I did make sure the tattoo was done so well that it doesn't scream cheesy vampire romance. Most people don't even realize it's a Twilight reference. I still love it to this day.


What are some of your geeky confessions?


  1. Ooh now I want to know what the tattoo is!

  2. I love reading spoilers too!

  3. Whats the tattoo!? haha I love Twilight too...

  4. Awesome confessions! The other day I was in the toy store, looking at Lego Star Wars stuff, and for a moment there (it was a Saturday), I was annoyed at all of the people and kids blocking my way. Then I realised I was in a toy store, meant for children... lol They have a right to be there too!!! ^___^

  5. I don't know if I'd say I enjoy spoilers, because if it's a story I'm into I'll murder anyone who tells me what's going to happen. However, if I'm only kind of into a story, I enjoy looking them up on Wikipedia to read the plot instead of watching the movie.

  6. I love the fact that you have a Twilight tattoo. You are so rad! I too do not understand the Whovian thing. I do not enjoy Dr Who at all.

  7. Haha, I love reading spoilers too! For me, it's like getting to the last half mile of a race. Seeing the ending gives me the jolt I need to finish sometimes! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I always heard murmurs about Doctor Who but never watched it until a year or two ago. What I've seen I like, but I can't get into the older episodes. It's such a prolific show I can't imagine catching up on all the episodes...especially with so many great fall shows. No spoilers for me, once I see them I can't forget!

  9. Spoilers and Twilight, those are my jam! Even though I speak poorly about the books, I watch the Twilight movies a few times a year :) And my husband hates watching shows with me because I've usually read the spoilers online first. I can't help it, I just want to know.

  10. I think it is so cool that you have a twilight tattoo! I say thi in all honesty, reading the twilight series change my life :)


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