Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Things #25

Most of these Happy Things pics were posted on my Instagram (@GlitzyGeekGirl) but they made me so happy they're worth blogging about, too!

I've been playing the new mobile game Tsum Tsum and quickly became a huge fan. My local Disney Store had these Tsums for sale, too! If you play be sure to add me so we can send hearts. My Line user ID is GlitzyGeekGirl.

Pixie would make a great Tsum don't you think? :P (Did you know Tsum Tsum means "stack stack" and the underneath side of the plushies are made for cleaning your phone's screen?)

A few weeks later I went back to the mall and got these goodies from the Disney Store.

I also finally put together my Lego Cinderella Castle. I will need to take a picture of my castle and figurines to show you how I displayed them!

This photo is from Anime Fest in the food court area of the hotel. They have large prisms up in the ceiling by the glass windows so giant rainbows spread across the floor. I hope to have my Anime Fest post up next so be sure to check back for that.

My dad treated me to IHOP one day recently where I ordered this delicious omelette with pancakes and hashbrowns. Anyone else LOVE breakfast foods? I sure do!

And lately I've really been enjoying the products found on Zulily. They have different specials each day and feature a lot of great clothes, kids toys, and home decor. I loved the My Little Pony and Frozen event they recently had (I got an Olaf backpack and some Funkos!) And today is a TOMS shoes event. Signing up is free and their mobile app is very easy to use. 
If you sign up please use my link!


What has made you happy lately?


  1. I absolutely LOVE playing TsumTsum, it's so addicting! Been wanting to get some of the actual Tsums because they're so darn cute but I'd have to order them online.

  2. I am powered by hashbrowns. And I'm afraid of downloading TsumTsum until I get caught up on all my work. Aaa!

  3. Sometimes I play TsumTsum so much that my finger is starting to get crooked @__@ Or at least, it feels that way haha! Sadly, I've yet to see them in person ;3; I want to squish themmmm!

    Ahh breakfast foods are my weakness! I love eating them whenever. Did you intentionally make a hidden Mickey with your plates? :p

  4. Oooo I love the rainbow pic! Is that a Donutella hat? Love!

  5. You just had to get me started on breakfast foods. Hard to beat french toast... unless you're just crazy enough to make a pb&j sammich with the french toast! Way too much sugar for one Joey to handle. Lately, I've been rockin the flour less pancakes. Eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg, banana, battling it out for flavor supremacy; the only winner is you. I could go on, but its late, and I'm getting to hungry for this.

  6. The photo of you with the prism rainbow all over you in so beautiful. I wish we had a disney store here so I could buy all he Tsum Tsums.

  7. Those Tsums are so cute! Actually everything in your post is really! :) How handy of them to make the bottoms of the Tsums phone cleaning!


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