Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Once Upon A Time Cosplay: Evil Queen Regina Costume

I am so excited to share with you all my Once Upon A Time cosplay of the Evil Queen Regina!!!

This cosplay is special to me because it's proof you CAN use a Halloween costume for cosplay! Anyone that says you can't is silly. Sure, I enjoy making a lot of my own stuff, but sometimes I just don't have the time or money to make an entire cosplay from scratch. I've used pieces from Halloween stores for several of my cosplays in the past. So when Costume SuperCenter contacted me about modeling one of their costumes, I couldn't have been more stoked!! Going through their gallery was a lot of fun, too. They have SO MANY to choose from for all genres and fandoms.

After narrowing it down, I finally chose the Elite Wicked Queen costume. I picked this because it's not something I would know how to make on my own. Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon A Time wears some exquisite dresses, and the time and money it would take for me to find patterns and fabrics would have been stressful. The costume came in a dress bag inside a well-packaged box. 
**I chose a size Large - I'm 5'10 and about 145 pounds.**
More photos and lots of great details>>>

I took the dress out and marveled at the fabric. Although slightly shiny, it didn't look cheap at all. The fabric is quite heavy. This is definitely high quality for a Halloween costume. It has a nice invisible zipper up the back, some decorative buttons on the sleeves, and is a gorgeous combo of royal purple, black and silver.

**I love that it came with an unattached petticoat!** This helps fill out the dress. I'll be able to use this for other costumes, too.

In the bottom of the dress bag were the crown and necklace. These are **included** with the costume. The necklace has an adjustable lobster claw and is made of a thick lace with little purple beads on the bottom. The crown was a thick plastic covered in sequins and jewels. It velcros shut, but I found it too small to fit on my head.

So although the crown is made well, you would have to clip it on your head instead of closing it all the way.

The only two things I bought for this costume were some black lace and an apple. *These were not included!*

The lace was kinda thin so I hand stitched two layers together. (The left is by itself and the right is after I put two together.) I slid the lace under my wig and had the bottom "triangle" hanging down my forehead. I'd recommend using some eyelash glue to stick it to your head in case it's windy outside.

The wig I used was a dark brown (nearly black) wig from a store in my mall. It was *not* included with the costume. I've had it for awhile.. it was pretty cheap. I pinned the bangs back with bobby pins and made a little updo using some dark hair clips.

Here is the detail on the sleeve I mentioned earlier. I thought this was such a nice touch.

For my makeup, I put a lot of foundation on to smooth out my skin tone and hide my tattoos. I used a bronzer and purple eyeshadow on my cheeks for blush. For my eyes I used a black, dark grey, and red eyeshadow. I blended them in really well and faded them out to make a slight point on the sides. Be sure to darken your brows a lot and also line your lips first. Then fill them in with a maroon lipstick. I'm also wearing false lashes.

**You can also see I'm wearing a nude mesh shirt. It did not come with the costume and is totally optional. I wear it to hide my tattoos.**

Click the photos to see them bigger! :)

Overall I'd give this costume a 9 out of 10! I loved the quality and colors. The style could be used for an Evil Queen, witch, Renaissance or Victorian dress, or for a masquerade ball. I'd love to wear this with a Once Upon A Time cosplay group! The only things I didn't like was that the crown was too small, and the chest area was a little big. I'm small chested so this probably wouldn't be a problem for someone a little more filled out.

Be sure to check out all the costumes available at Costume SuperCenter! They offer wonderful customer service and so many options to choose from. Take advantage of any Halloween discounts they have to stock up on costumes for conventions all year long! I know I will be :) And follow them on Facebook and Twitter for news and updates!


Have you ever used a Halloween costume for a cosplay at a convention?

(All photos were taken by April Miller and edited by me.)


  1. Whoa! This looks AMAZING! I love how you added a few of your own little details as well.

  2. Your cosplays are always so epic! ^^

  3. You look awesome! Love this costume. :)

  4. I own a small costume business and starting cosplaying about three years ago. I agree completely that it's okay to use ready-made. Not everyone can sew, myself included so it's nice when you can put together different pieces from costume stores, thrift stores and craft suppliers. Last year for FanExpo I handpainted a "morph" suit and went as the Female Titan from Attack on Titans. My ultimate idea of cosplay is being true to the character as well as authentic to yourself. DeviantArt is proof of that. Thanks for sharing, I'm going to re-post your link on my facebook page.

  5. Gorgeous costume. I'm always worried about buying costumes because I'm a bit tall (5'9"). But you are tall too and it looks great on you!

  6. My first cosplay costume was a Halloween store costume, as I wanted to cosplay at my first convention but didn't know how to sew whatsoever, and I already had the costume from the past Halloween. (Incidentally, it's the Evil Queen from Disney's Snow White). I was so hesitant to wear it at first because I was told if you didn't make your costume you weren't a real cosplayer and was scared to be called out for that, but I was too stubborn to not cosplay.

    That was 7 years ago, and I still cosplay her. The outfit/look has been through many minor upgrades since then, but to this day she's hands down my most popular cosplay. :)

  7. You look so fierce and beautiful. Such a rad costume and cool that anyone can try this one out too. :)


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