Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Direction Concert - Dallas 2014

A few weeks ago I went on an adventure to see the band One Direction perform! I became a Directioner after seeing the guys perform Story of My Life on SNL. I couldn't believe how well they sang and the song really moved me. After that I bought all their albums and was instantly hooked. So when I first heard that the Where We Are Tour was making a stop in Dallas I just knew I wanted to get tickets. I was excited to see this specific tour because I had made a playlist of their setlist and had every song memorized!

The concert was held at AT&T Stadium which is where the Dallas Cowboys play football. I had never been to this stadium before so I left really early to avoid bad traffic. I was impressed with how well they had labeled the parking lots and had no trouble finding a spot.

While waiting for the doors to open, you could shop at the merchandise tent outside. I thought this was incredibly smart because you could buy everything you wanted and take it right back to your car and not have to carry it around during the show.

I decided to buy this purple and pink shirt. It photographed kinda dark but it's really a pretty color, and I like that it says the name of the tour at the bottom.

This is from the very back of the stadium. I loved that someone on Instagram said "bow ties are cool" .. At first I was like huh? But the backdrop totally looks like a bow tie! haha!

Since I went by myself to this concert I had to ask a stranger to take this pic for me. Luckily the place was swarming with young girls with nice mothers willing to help ^.^

I saw on Facebook that my cosplay friend Emily Ann was also at the show! So I messaged her the section I was in and she came by to say Hello!

Photo by Elizabeth Villarreal 
Since Emily had amaaaazzzzing seats I asked if I could post one of the photos she and her friends took. I can't believe how close they were to the stage! This photo didn't require any zoom at all!

I still had a decent view from my seat and was able to see the boys pretty well when they walked along the extended stage.

During one of the songs everyone turned their phones on and the whole place lit up like the night sky. It was truly breathtaking.

I really enjoyed how funny the guys were with each other. At one time Liam let the whole audience know that Harry sleeps with his hair in a bun. And another time Niall did a great Texas accent for us!

The stage itself was very impressive. They had a fantastic light show and small fireworks went off several times. I loved it when the stage extended up into the air because I could almost believe that maybe one of them saw me ^.^


I realize not everyone is a One Direction fan, and I totally respect that. But please don't say anything negative about my likes! I found that their concert was super professional and very entertaining. One of the best I've been to! It's been exciting to watch this 'cute boy band' turn into some highly talented young men. They can sing SO well. And they truly never stopped thanking the crowd and looking around the entire stadium with awe. Now I am looking forward to their next album!


  1. My older sister is a big fan of one direction and she's 24 so she's used to getting hate for it, so i'll send her this blog post to let her know she isn't alone! I volunteered to see them when they were in London with her earlier this year and i was completely bowled over by it. We had standing tickets and were about 5 people back from the front! I was expecting to have to fake enthusiasm to please my sister but the stage was outstanding and i knew a hell of a lot more songs than i thought so i could sing and dance along with everyone else! Sorry for going on a bit but yeah. One direction can get a bad reputation with fangirls but i was pleasantly surprised (:

  2. Jelly! Seeing a 1D concert is on my bucket list!

  3. Dude you look so adorable!!!! I'm so happy you got to go to see One Direction. They are fantastic performers and it sounded like an amazing show. I've had to go to soo many concerts by myself due to no one else liking the band or lack of money including Hilary Duff and Hanson. :)


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