Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Texas Rangers Game 2014

Last week I went to a Texas Rangers baseball game! This was my third visit to a Rangers game but my first time to go with my dad. We are really big baseball fans, and he and I watch it on TV together all the time. I always told him that if I ever won the lottery I would buy season tickets for us.

We pulled up to the stadium and saw this cute noodle outside :P

Once we got inside, we were given this free garden gnome and cinch bag. The first 15,000 fans received the gnome - it was one of the reasons we picked this night to go! I can't wait to add him to my fairy garden.

We got there really early so we didn't have to mess with traffic so the stadium was pretty empty. It was very peaceful actually.

Since we had time to kill, we decided to walk around. This was a view of the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the distance. Doesn't it look like a spaceship?

We were excited to find the Captain Morgan Club because above it is where Rangers Live broadcasts before the games. Mark McLemore even came to the window and waved at us! He played for the Rangers from 1995-1999.

I also loved this giant piggy bank. Look at his little hat :P

The best part of a ball game is the food. We had a few hot dogs and this huge pretzel!

Later on we treated ourselves to some dessert. I got a cookies n cream waffle cone and my dad ordered a root beer float.

This was a cool pic from behind home plate.

Our seats were further back behind third base, but we were still able to see and enjoy the game. I was so happy to have witnessed a home run by Robinson Chirinos and the Rangers won 2-1!

I had the best time and loved every minute of the game. Baseball is my absolute favorite sport! The season is over now, but I hope we get to attend more games next year. I'd also like to travel and watch a Chicago Cubs game with my dad some day.


Do you have a favorite sport or team?


  1. That stadium looks like fun. One of the items on my bucket list is to visit different baseball stadiums. I'm a huge fan and I'm a SF Giants girl. Finally saw a game this season.

  2. I love going to baseball games. I'm an Orioles fan and will be going to the playoff game tomorrow! I'm taking my dad was a birthday present!

  3. I love that you always wear themed outfits where ever you go. It looks like you had a really fun time and my goodness that pretzel was enormous.

  4. If I knew youse guys were fans, I could've hooked you up with tickets and valet. Glad you see you had such a blast out there

  5. I usually don't really care for most sports, but I think your outfit was adorable! ~

    Why don't you visit the ♡Unicorn Sanctuary ♡ I always follow back!

  6. That is so cute that you went with your Dad. Whenever I go anywhere by myself with my Dad I always feel like a little girl again :3


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