Friday, September 5, 2014

The Vampire Diaries: Dallas Convention 2014

Last year I had attended Creation Entertainment's Vampire Diaries Convention and had one of the best times! (You can read about it here.) These cons are a little pricey but smaller in size and run incredibly professionally. It's a lot more intimate setting and a better chance to see/hear/meet the guests. However, Paul Wesley canceled last year, and I was super bummed because I had already met Ian Somerhalder before. So I decided to go again to try and get Stefan's autograph added to my poster!

I wore the shirt I bought at last year's con along with my Salvortore ring.

The convention was held at a nice hotel and had these cute standees in the dealer's room. Since I didn't pay for a photo op with the fellas I decided this selfie was good enough.

There was some great Vampire Diaries merch for sale including t shirts, mugs, stickers, jewelry and hats. I didn't buy anything this time since I already have 2 shirts and a hoodie ... and tons of jewelry :p

I found my seat in the panel room to watch the trivia contest and auction then saw my face on the screen!!! If you used the hashtag TVDDallas on Instagram they were posting the pics of fans on the screens! How cool is that!

The guest list was great but most were only coming on specific days. Since I was only attending on Saturday I got to see Stefan and Damon and Haley (Phoebe Tonkin). Haley was a werewolf on VD and also on The Originals. I was bummed that I couldn't meet Michael Trevino (who played Tyler Lockwood) because he was only attending Sunday. Oh well.

And here is Stefan and Damon!! I was so excited to finally see Paul Wesley! He was hilarious!! His character on VD is so serious all the time that it was a nice treat to see him more relaxed and make jokes. Ian Somerhalder was his usual "I'm so hot" self that he was kinda annoying to be honest. But the two together were great because they called each other "brother" and really seemed like good friends.

I couldn't take any pictures while getting Paul Wesley's autograph, but he was super super super super cute. Oh my god. He was so handsome!! When it was almost my turn I asked the lady in front of me if I looked okay then tried to remember to breath normally. I got to the table and he started signing my poster and I said how it was so nice to finally meet him since I missed him last year. He shook my hand and said thank you then I told him good luck at the Teen Choice Awards (which were the next day). Then I asked if I could shake it his hand one more time and he laughed and said sure. :D :D :D

The Vampire Diaries will always be one of the favorite TV shows, and I think it's the neatest thing that I've had the opportunity to meet several of the cast members. I only need Tyler, Alaric, Jenna, and Elena's autograph to have my poster finished.


Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan?


  1. Aww, that's awesome that you finally got to meet him!

  2. That's so awesome! & you're so cute in that last picture! Dallas has so many fun events.

  3. Love the standees selfie! I'm team Damon just because he is so hot lol

  4. I'm team Damon, though I fully confess that as people, Paul seems WAY more laid back and likable in real life :)
    ....and if I go deeper into this, I'm messed up enough that I'm really Team Klaus. Ahem.

  5. What an awesome day. It's so rad to see you take the same poster to the con and slowly get all those signatures added to it.

  6. I am going to my first TVD convention on the 19th. I am sure i am way way older than you are. I am super excited. You look so pretty! I love love love your hair. Thanks for the info on what to expect because I have no idea what to expect. HAHAH I always go to stuff just to see what it's about and end up having so much fun! <3 btw #TeamDamon i get to meet Ian too. He's so delicious. Thanks again for this beautiful post and i love love your hair i can't get over it.. I have no idea what to wear but I want to look cute in my photo. <3


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