Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy Things #26

Here are some things that have made me happy lately!

My brown hair makes me so happy! I honestly never thought I'd say that. I colored it brown a little over a month ago, and it's been great! I have had just about every hair color under the sun and while I do miss having it bright and funky - it was time for me to take a break. My hair was super healthy so it wasn't my hair that needed the break - it was me. I always do my hair myself and it takes me an entire evening to bleach and dye it a crazy color. Now with it brown I haven't had to touch it up at all. It's faded some so I might darken it soon but gosh it's been nice not having to deal with roots every two weeks! 

This picture of Pixie Doodle makes me happy because I've never seen her sit on this heart pillow. I walked into the room and she was perched on it and it made a great pic! (Her face says "Are you seriously taking my picture AGAIN?")

My new tattoo by Dru Bias at Saints and Sinners is one of my absolute favs now. It's a cover up of a very old and bad tattoo so to see this amazing Luna kitty from Sailor Moon on my wrist everyday now is unbelievable. I had been getting my old one lasered off (I'll make another post about that experience). Now I am just so happy to have this!

Octopie is one of my all time favorite artists! I first saw her work at Ikkicon two years ago and bought a print of hers at AKon this summer. When I saw her post that she was open for commissions I immediately jumped on it! I can't believe all the little details she put into my chibi. She got my dice ring, tattoos, my star necklace and rainbow bracelets!! I love the Toki Doki headband and that's my favorite wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs. Even my buttons made it in there! Gosh it's just so perfect. Thank you Octopie!

Another cute pic of Pixie Doodle! (I have millions I could share.) This one is her watching me play Guild Wars 2. She loves it! She sits here all the time and even paws at the screen sometimes. 

My final Happy Thing is this pic of Jim Shore at his signing last weekend. I was in the mall with my mom and we heard an announcement that he was going to be there the next day. We both stopped and said WHAT! We love his figurines and have collected many over the years. The day we met him he was incredibly polite and took a lot of time to speak to everyone in line. He signed our new Anna and Elsa, Olaf, and Snowman figures. It was a true joy getting to chat with him. You could honestly hear his passion about his art and craft in his voice. I'm so glad I could share this experience with my mom! BFFs!!


What has made you happy lately?


  1. I think it's nice that Pixie Doodle likes to watch you play. How cute! ^__^


  2. Handing two assignments in at university and feeling (slightly) less pressured has made me happier! I always love seeing pictures of Pixie, she's so cute!

  3. Your brown hair suits you so much. Such a cute cut and style.

  4. I like your hair brown. I used to dye my hair different colors so much but now I really like my dark brown hair. That doesn't mean that in the future I won't go fire engine red lol. And Pixie Doodle is adorable, what a sweetie

  5. Love your Luna Kitty tattoo! :D

  6. All these things are so great! And your Octopie portrait is so adorable!


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