Thursday, December 4, 2014

Halloween 2014

You might think that a cosplayer would go all out on Halloween with an elaborate costume. Well that is usually not the case. Haha! I would say most of my cosplay friends actually enjoy buying either a store bought costume or wearing something more simple. For me, I have been dying to wear this Korilakkuma Kigurumi I bought at AKon. I dressed it up with my pink wavy wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs!

Most of the day I played Guild Wars 2. If only all the people I grouped with that day knew what I was wearing behind the computer! lol

Even my character in game was dressed up for the Halloween festivities.

My family and I ordered pizza. Yum! My favorite!

Finally, that evening we were ready to hand out the candy bags my mom and I made. Each bag had several candy bars and crackers and other sweets in them.

I had a lot of fun giving out candy to the kiddos! One parent asked if I was a polar bear. But most of the kids said they liked my outfit. There was a block party going on down our street so once that ended all the kids came to the door at once. It kinda bummed me out because they were rushing and I was rushing and I didn't get to see their costumes very well. I do remember three kids were dressed as crayons. I think they were my favorite!


Did you dress up as anything on Halloween?


  1. You look so cute! I want to get a Kigurumi (but I'm secretly waiting for a Catbug one...hope they make it LOL).

    I missed Halloween as I was driving across the country from CA to FL! I was sad to miss it, but the trip was fun!

  2. I totally thought that was your own hair at first! That onesie is very cute. :) I dressed as Other Coraline for Halloween, spent quite a bit of time making button eyes.

    I was supposed to be going out for pizza and then to a Halloween party in a local bar, but I developed a migraine from hell so I took loads of pics of myself and stayed in and watched Nightmare on Elm Street instead. :)

  3. I did! I dressed up as a kittygirl like I usually do. Quick, easy and fun! -^^- My parents went out so I was home doing battlestation at the door. Only got one sole child, though. :(

    Undecided Answer

  4. You look so cute in your Kigu!
    I really like your characters costume too :D


  5. Adorable. I have a couple of Kigu's but for Halloween I ran around as Louise. Right now it's been freezing in San Francisco so I have been wearing my Dino kigu. They are so warm!

  6. What a strange choice of costume to be a crayon. hehehe. I loved your outfit. Soo cute and warm.

  7. Your kigurumi and desk looks nice!

    ☢ ☢


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