Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Wish List: Part 2

I had so much fun gathering items for my Holiday Wish List 2014 that I decided to add more to it! These are things that I probably won't get my hands on for some time so I'm just posting and chatting about them. Santa has already sent an elf to visit and there's some super cute presents under our tree. So this post is just an add on of fun things I've seen online lately!

The fairies by Amy Brown have been one of my favorite watercolor styles for as long as I can remember. She has a lot of great things for sell in her Etsy shop including figurines, jewelry and blankets. Some of her prints are pretty affordable and they even come signed.

I began following Bad Witch Boutique on Instagram and after seeing their jewelry I became an instant fan. I tried to find a nice crystal necklace during my last few visits to the Renaissance festivals here. So far I haven't found anything that was well-made or worth the price. The quality and style options of the jewelry from Bad Witch are amazing! I like the last two in the above photo the most, but they make rings, earrings and chokers, too.

If there is one thing I absolutely do not need it's another headset. But this is called a "wish" list for a reason! I already have a working headset and it's even the Razer Kraken! So why would I want another? Because they released it in FUSCHIA! They call it neon purple but it kinda looks pink to me (the last one in the pic). Either way it's gorgeous! I've had my Kraken for several years now and love it. It's super comfy and the sound quality is fantastic. I wear it all the time while I game or listen to music. The classic neon green is pretty cool, but you gotta admit the new colors are awesome!

Claire's Wedding Ring
I began watching Outlander when it first premiered on Starz and quickly read the first book. The storyline was captivating, and I found myself rather fond of Jamie. I mean who isn't?! Right?! So when Starz released an authentic replica of Claire's wedding ring I was ready to purchase it right away. Well that came to a sudden halt after I saw it was $250! Omg! I mean that's cool it's designed by the original artist and all but SHEESH that's expensive for something that's actually kind of bland looking. Her ring described in the book sounds much more beautiful and a similar one can be purchased here. But since I'm anxiously waiting for the return of the TV series (April 2015 omg longest wait ever) I decided to buy this cheaper replica from eBay. This way I have something to wear while I watch, but I won't feel bad should I lose it in a drawer one day. So that's one wish on this list that Santa will be delivering. :)

Since I brought up books, I figured I'd add some that are on my reading list. I heard they will begin filming a movie about the Fallen series by Lauren Kate this February so I'd like to read those before I see the film. I also think I'd enjoy Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. There are two more by Perkins so it'd be fun to get all three of her books. Santa usually gifts me an iTunes gift card so I'll likely buy these for my iPad. I still need to finish The Maze Runner series first, though.


It's so fun to shop online and there's probably several items I'm forgetting to include. Maybe I'll make a Part 3? Haha sorry Santa! It's just for fun :) You can read part one here.


  1. You need all those headphones to match your ever changing hair :D


  2. Those headphones are really sweet! And Anna and the French Kiss is a really cute story!

  3. the fallen novels are really good, great choice.


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