Monday, December 1, 2014

Texas Renaissance Festival: All Hallows Eve

This year I attended the Texas Renaissance Festival for the second time! TRF is one of the largest festivals around with numerous vendors, performances, food and people to watch! I went on the weekend with the theme "All Hallows Eve" which was the right before Halloween. So many people came out in costumes of all kind. I decided to dress up as a fairy! I made the jacket and flower crown myself, and my tutu was purchased at a convention. I was most excited to show off my fabulous corset from Corset Story, too. The wig I wore was a Luthien in Warm Light Brown from Arda Wigs. I wore this for my Princess Anna cosplay and decided to leave in the blonde streak just for fun!

I didn't want to do my makeup in the car since TRF is several hours away. So the first thing I did when I walked in the gates was find a face painting booth! This lady was the absolute sweetest and so talented. She painted my face so quickly and matched the colors to my outfit.

I didn't want to ever wash my face off after this. It glittered and was just soo pretty!

The next thing I did was watch the jousting event. I missed seeing this last year so I was very excited to sit and watch it. Unfortunately since we went to the first showing of the day there wasn't a lot of action. They did a few fights but not much. I guess they save the real jousts for the afternoon show when there are more people.

But the crowd was still pretty full for early morning! And it was very cool seeing the knights on their horses.

TRF puts a lot of effort into their architecture and designs. You really feel emerged into a new world .. or old I suppose.

New this year was the "Sword in the Stone." I tried my best to pull it out but sadly I was not the chosen one. Each weekend someone is worthy enough and gets to keep the actual sword!

I spent most of my money on corn dogs and lemonade, but I did get these cute purple satyr horns. 

I had a great time seeing all the people and experiencing the atmosphere! It would be so fun to work at a Renaissance fair someday. You can see my post from my last trip to TRF here.


Have you ever been to a festival before?


  1. This looks like so much fun and I absolutely adore your outfit it's super cute xoxo

    ♥ Cateaclysmic ♥

  2. Very cute outfit! I didn't get to go to TRF this year, but I did go a few years ago and it was a blast!

  3. I was just at TRF for the Celtic Christmas weekend it was wonderful too!

  4. Aww looking at these pictures makes me want to go back to one! Your whole outfit is just amazing and all the colors in that tutu are so pretty together!!

    I plan to save up so I can actually buy things rather than just food. I watched the jousting before but the afternoon heat was so killer.

  5. Such a cute outfit! And the sword in the stone seems so cool!
    Glad you had such a blast!

  6. You look so pretty! The costume and makeup are perfect.
    In Tulsa we have the Scottish Games for a weekend which are fun.

  7. Did you happen to have a tutorial on the Tutu you made or know a good one to check out. I wanted to start getting things ready for the one we have in AZ in Feb. I saw the Flower Crown tutorial you recommended. Thanks :)

    1. I didn't make this tutu and I sadly can't remember the name of the seller I bought it from at the convention. I googled "tutu tutorial" and saw a lot of great ones listed - even some videos - for no sew tutus. I'd love to make one someday, too!


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