Monday, January 19, 2015

Holiday Haul 2014

This last Christmas was GREAT because I spent it with my family. I've been having so much fun over the holiday break that I am just now uploading some of my pics! So this post is a "Holiday Haul" to show you some of the amazing presents I received.
I started out by opening my stocking. I had several My Little Pony blind bags to open, and every single one was new for me! I was also super happy to get a glittery Gilda the Griffon.

It wouldn't be a holiday without some Funko Pops. I am trying to collect all of the Disney Princesses. So now I can add Merida and Cinderella to my collection. I also got Tinkerbell and Gandalf!

My biggest surprise was receiving the Razer Black Widow Chroma! I had mentioned this in my Wish List post, but honestly was NOT expecting to get it. Turns out neither was my mom! She ordered it a few days before Christmas and figured it wouldn't arrive until after the holidays. Well the fine folks at Razer made sure it made it in time, and the CEO Min-Liang Tan even retweeted my unboxing photo on his Twitter and Facebook!

Here's a pic of my keyboard in action! The rainbow animates like a wave effect. You can customize the colors, too.

Another great gift were new sheets! These are special because the pillow cases have my name on them. I'm sure you've noticed I've been pretty excited for all Frozen merch. It's just fun finding "Anna" on things all over the place! (The other side of the pillows do say Elsa.)

Another item I had on my Wish List was the Disneyland Paris Frozen pin set. Again, I liked these because they had a pin that said Anna. My mom surprised me with these and also the Movie Club Olaf pin! I love it so much!!

These two items were ones I treated myself to. I had looked all over Disney World for the Chip mug when I went a few years ago. Turns out he's kind of popular and hard to find. So I found him online and love how he looks on my shelf! The Funko is also super adorable!

Santa brought me some DVDs I'd been wanting. I loved The 10th Kingdom when it aired on TV many years ago. If you've a fan of Once Upon A Time I definitely suggest checking it out!

My brother gifted me this awesome book on cosplay! The photos in it are incredible and truly inspiring to look at. It's such a unique hobby that I've grown to love.

I even spotted a friend in the book!! This is Chaka of Princess Mentality Cosplay. She's a fantastic local cosplayer and fellow Sailor Moon fan. I was so excited when I saw her pic in the book!


Some other gifts I received that aren't pictured are some Fandango gift cards, a new pink hoodie, a blueberry scented candle, Alex and Ani bracelets, and a tripod for my camera.

I am so thankful for all the wonderful presents and more importantly the great time I had with my family.

Let me know in the comments what fun gifts you received!


  1. You got some great gifts! I'm so jealous of the keyboard. The light-up effects are so cool! I got some awesome Adventure Time Funkos and some teabags. It's was small, but perfect!

  2. That keyboard looks amazing! I love the colors!

  3. OMG! My hubby and I LOVE The 10th Kingdom! It was one of the first series we watched when we started dating (for real)! It and Doctor Who are special to us for that reason!

  4. The 10th Kingdom is so good! I saw it when it original aired as a mini-series and have seen it like five times since then! So magical! I have a huge crush on Wolf.

  5. What wonderful presents. Your keyboard is amazing and that cosplay book looks beautiful.


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