Friday, January 9, 2015

Tutorial: DIY Felt Cat Ear Headset

*Update!* I made some more cat ears live on my Twitch channel! Click here to view it!*

Today I have a super cute and fun tutorial for cat lovers and gamers! I wanted to make my gaming headset - the Razer Kraken - more kawaii so I created some detachable felt cat ears. This tutorial is very easy and requires no sewing! Check it out!

First you want to pick out two colors of felt. I chose green and black to match my Razer Kraken headset. Next cut out four triangular shapes with a slightly curved up bottom. You'll also need two of your second color in a little bit smaller size.

All you have to do is add a thin line of hot glue along the two sides of one of the triangles. Then lay the other triangle on top of it. Glue your smaller second color on top and stuff a cotton ball into the pocket you made.

Then you will glue the bottom of your triangle where the cotton ball is onto a rectangle of felt.

The rectangle is just big enough to wrap around my headset. So make sure you test fit it on yours for a snug fit.

To make your cat ears removable glue on some velcro to the rectangle.

This way you can choose to take them on and off or change the colors out if you make more!

The felt is super comfy. You won't feel it pressing into your head at all even after hours of gaming.

(I took these two pics awhile ago which explains why my hair is brown, lol)

Meow! You're ready to game in style!

These are great for cat lovers. My kitty, Pixie, and I match now!

Except I should have folded one of my ears down, hehehe.

So this was a very inexpensive and easy way to add some kitty flare to your gaming headset. This works best with thicker headsets, although I am sure you could make the rectangle smaller to attach to a skinner headband if needed.

I plan to make these in more colors so I can change them out. You could even do bear ears by making them rounded instead of triangular!!


Let me know in the comments what you think!
And if you make some ears for your headset send me a pic! :)


  1. I'm SO doing this to my headset! ... This weekend!!! <3

  2. I love this! I want those headphones anyway, I can't wait now! :)

  3. SO CUTE! :D Thanks for sharing.

  4. That is such a nice touch to your headphones! They look adorable. ^^

  5. I Tweeted a link to this page recently because I found it so amazing --- About to make a pair myself for my own headset! \^o^/ Thank you so much for creating this tutorial.

  6. Where did you get the felt from for this? Finding it hard to get a green that matches the headset! :)

    1. I bought my felt from the craft store Hobby Lobby! :)

  7. I love my new cat ear headphones!<3 Thank you for sharing this amazing idea of yours!! :)

  8. I'll have to tinker with this and I might have to sew it, which I'm not sure it will work but I'll see... Do you think it would work?


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