Wednesday, June 10, 2015

OMGlitzy! New blog! New name!
I'm excited to share that I have come up with a fun new name to go by - OMGlitzy! I'm still Glitzy and I'm still geeky, but I have felt like going by a different online handle for awhile now. I'm still going to update this blog with cosplay tutorials and giveaways, though. So don't lose this bookmark! Since this site became cosplay centric and still gets lots of hits, I plan to keep it updated when I can. But my new blog is going to be a little more random and a place for me to hopefully post more often without the pressure of making an epic post each time. What I mean is I started to feel like if I didn't make a cosplay post with lots of photos, links, and information then no one wanted to read it. I didn't want to clutter this site with random ramblings. I dunno, I am sure it's just some weird blogger insecurity thing. But what I'm getting at is my new blog will be more laid back and easier for me to just chat about what's going in my life!
I've already updated my Instagram and Twitter to my new handle - @OMGlitzy - but my Facebook and YouTube links will have to stay /GlitzyGeekGirl since they don't offer name changes. I debated about how to handle my Twitch channel (since they don't do name changes either) and ultimately decided that since I plan to stay pretty active on there that I would go ahead and make a new channel with my new name. So if you'd like to keep following me on Twitch head over to and give it a follow!
Thanks so much for staying interested in this blog while I've gone through some transitions this year. Coming soon here will be a Wonder Woman cosplay tutorial!


  1. My favourite Nintendo game right now is Animal Crossing New Leaf! I still can't put it down after all this time :D


  2. My favorite Nintendo game is Super Mario Bothers. I think. I love so many old school and new games, it is hard to choose.


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