Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pixie's Emergency Surgery

If you've been following my tweets, then you know Pixie had to go to the emergency vet a few nights ago. She had to have surgery done and is hopefully going to be feeling a little better soon. However, the vet bills hit unexpectedly. I set up a GoFundMe with more info on what happened and a way for Pixie's friends to send a few dollars her way.

Pixie and I appreciate any help. Even just happy thoughts!

I copied the story from the GoFundMe page here if you'd like to read it:

"Hello, my name is Anna and my best friend's name is Pixie. Pixie has been my kitty since 2010 after I adopted her from the local humane society. I'm raising money to help pay for her most recent vet bill. 

A few nights ago she was eating some of her kibble and suddenly started choking. She was pawing at her mouth and blood got all over her paws. Thankfully I was in the room and able to hold her and next thing I know a tooth falls on to the ground. One of her front canines (the big pointy ones) had broken. I am so  glad she didn't continue to choke on it or swallow it, but I was worried why this happened and what else it meant was wrong. I immediately called her vet which gave me a number for the local emergency vet. I told them what happened and drove Pixie there. They were able to look at her right away and determined that it was because of her Tooth Resorption that her canine broke off. The doctor also said she had an absess and would need to have antibiotics and her surrounding teeth removed right away. I knew Pixie had tooth resorption because she has had teeth removed in the past. Her first surgery was a few years ago and she had several teeth taken out and this past January she had another 6 teeth removed. Unfortunately, the disease progressed a lot quicker this time. 

I took Pixie to her vet the next morning and the doctor noticed right away how badly the teeth looked compared to how they were in January. (I had no idea or I would have taken her in sooner, but she was scheduled for her normal 1 year check up in just a few months.) Her vet said she would need surgery right away and gave us strong pain meds for her to take home in the meantime. She made it through the weekend but struggled to eat even the soft wet food. Her surgery was scheduled for today (Tuesday) morning. I dropped her off and kissed her on the head and said to be brave.

The vet called this afternoon to let me know that Pixie did very well during the surgery (she had to be put under for it) and was waking up. They removed her two top canines (the broken one still had it's root in) and also two molars. She said Pixie will eventually need more removed as this disease will continue to progress and there's no way to prevent it. But  for now they removed the worse and she would be feeling a lot better soon. The bad news is this time they found an Oronasal Fistula. It's an abnormal opening between the oral and nasal cavities. They also found signs that her septum has eroded some. All of this is caused by the tooth Resorption. At this point, I am unclear how badly the Oronasal Fistula will be to treat. But the vet seemed hopeful that she would be feeling better now that she is on antibiotics.

I am raising money because this surgery blindsided me. Pixie is so strong and even the vet noticed how well she handles pain. But I had no idea Pixie needed this. Her trip to the emergency room was $200 and the surgery at her regular vet was $700. I have paid for two previous teeth surgeries in the past and also problems with her claws that required serious surgery as well. She's been through a lot. And I can't give up on her now.

Thank you for reading Pixie's story. Thank you for any donation to help with her bills. Thank you for sending happy thoughts and well wishes. She sends a loud purr and snuggle your way."


  1. Poor Pixie - sending her some healing, loving kitty vibes!

  2. Poor Pixie. Hope she makes a full recovery soon!

  3. All the kitty love to Pixie! Hope she gets well soon!

  4. I am thinking of you and Pixie at this time. She is such a special little girl.


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