Friday, January 29, 2016

Glitzy's Gamer Spotlight #1

What is your name?
In game my main character is Audeley and on Twitch I am OMGlitzy.

When did you start playing Guild Wars 2?
Or how long have you been playing?
I started playing Guild Wars 2 about two weeks after it was launched. I took a break from the game for a few months and eventually returned full time when the Festival of the Four Winds event was live. I've now been playing pretty much every single day since then!

What made you want to try the game?
I was a long time EverQuest 2 player and several of my guildies were talking about the release of Guild Wars 2. I was intrigued that it didn't come with a subscription plan, and my brother (who is also an avid gamer) said it would be a game I would likely enjoy. After I bought it and played with a few of my friends I was instantly hooked. The amazing graphics, friendly community, and simple yet effective UI really pulled me in to becoming a full time player.

What's your favorite profession to play and why?
The very first character I made was a warrior, but the one I played the most was a necromancer. I've always enjoyed classes that had a companion and I usually prefer mages over heavy classes. It wasn't until after my break that I eventually made a ranger and fell in love with their gameplay. I enjoyed the search for new pets (gotta catch 'em all!) and exploring Tyria with my trusty friend. Now with the elite specialization - Druid - I love my ranger even more!

When you log into the game what is the first thing you like to do?
I'll usually check the trading post to see if I have any gold or items waiting for me to pick up. After that I will do the daily activities. Even after I complete three of them to get the achievement I still go on to do the others out of enjoyment. I'll look up boss timers to see which is about to spawn and also check with my guild to see if they are organizing any fun events.

Have you bought Heart of Thorns? If so, what is your impression of the new maps and events?
If you have not bought it explain why and if you plan to.
Yes! I pre-ordered HoT the moment it became available. I was also able to participate in a few of the beta events. My first impression was this is not going to be an easy expansion. The mobs hit harder, the terrain was more difficult to navigate, and the events required a lot of teamwork. These are all good things, of course! The challenge that HoT has provided was a welcome one. The new maps and events have become slightly easier with time and experience, but still require coordination. I wish the story had a little more depth and detail to it and that some of the events were not always centered around timers, but overall I still find myself enjoying the new zones months after HoT was released.

What goals have you set for yourself in game?
I went head first into earning all the mastery points so that I could begin making Astralaria - the new legendary axe. This was a big project to take on since there wasn't much information about the new collections yet. I worked really hard on completing everything and made Astralaria in about a month. Now that I have that done I have been taking things a bit slower. I'm working on collecting all of the Chak weapons, mapping the new zones on alt characters, completing the story achievements, and also farm gold to buy gathering nodes for my home instance.

If you are in a guild you'd like to promote please tell us about it!
If you are not in one, what are you looking for in a guild?
The guild I am in is Ethereal Guardians [EG]. I've really enjoyed being a part of their community because of how active it is! They have frequent events each week like raid training, guild missions, and organized world boss kills. Their TeamSpeak is always full of people chatting and willing to help, and their forums offer an excellent source of information about profession builds and fight mechanics. Overall I have felt very proud to be a member of [EG]!

Any updates or fixes you wish ANet would work on?
I like to think ANet is super busy working on a lot of great content for the game (*wink*) so I don't typically complain too much about things that might be broken.. However, I think the LFG tool does need to be revamped and I wish my mini pet wouldn't disappear all the time. Like many people, I'd like to see more armor skins added to the game. I don't think enough were put in with the expansion. Recently, I was incredibly happy they added the shared inventory slots and the ability to always show hidden objects so you no longer have to hold the Ctrl key down. Yay ANet!

If you could visit IRL one of the cities of Tyria which one would you pick and why?
My first thought was I'd like to visit The Grove simply because it is so enchanting. It's where I like to take a lot of screen shots of my characters. After thinking more about this question, though, I'd probably want to visit Divinity's Reach. Since that was the first area I ever explored in the game it has a sense of "home" for me. To see it in real life would be truly extraordinary. I can imagine myself walking through the Central Plaza and gazing upon the entrance to the Queen's throne room with a wonder and excitement!

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