Sunday, January 31, 2016

Glitzy's Gamer Spotlight #2

What is your name?
My name is Nuzzle! My main characters name is Elzzun (spell nuzzle backwards 83)

When did you start playing Guild Wars 2?
Or how long have you been playing?
I started playing GW2 a little over 2 years ago! But I wasn't an everyday player until around the time of The Killer Marionette Boss event!

What made you want to try the game?
A bunch of my IRL friends were playing it and when it went on sale it was suggested that I join them!

What's your favorite profession to play and why?
My favorite professions is definitely my Necromancer. She was my first toon, and despite all the terrible things people said about Necromancers back when I started, I never listened and learned to really enjoy the class!  Now that Reaper is a thing I love playing her even more!

When you log into the game what is the first thing you like to do?
Usually when I log in I form up a party with my 4 daily-doing friends! Together we tackle the PvE, PvP and Fractal Dailies!

Have you bought Heart of Thorns? If so, what is your impression of the new maps and events?
If you have not bought it explain why and if you plan to.
Yes! I pre-ordered it as soon as it was a thing!  I love the new maps in HoT; they are pretty and the events are fun!  The only thing I wish was different was that the event chains weren't so... long. It makes it hard to complete them if you don't have a long time to be in game.

What goals have you set for yourself in game?
Right now my goal is to learn how to raid. I am working on gearing my mesmer as a DPS build. Next I'll need to find some friends willing to teach me the ropes of the raid!

If you are in a guild you'd like to promote please tell us about it!
If you are not in one, what are you looking for in a guild?
I am in two guilds that are worth a mention.  The first real quild I was ever part of is [WPAK]. The guild has changed quite a bit since I joined and while I find myself participating less and less (even though I still rep all the time) I made MANY good friends through this guild! Plus we do missions together every week!

I would also like to shoutout to my non-rep guild DnD full of just a small amount of close friends! We've come a long way for a guild where we barely rep. We have a guild hall and are able to do missions which is great when I have to miss [WPAK]'S missions due to real life happenings!

Any updates or fixes you wish ANet would work on?
Eh. I'm not really one to complain about games.  My only real issue with GW2 is load screen times, but that's not really ANet's fault as much as the fact that I play on a laptop lol.

If you could visit IRL one of the cities of Tyria which one would you pick and why?
OH GOSH this is hard! The world is so pretty! When I first started playing Caledon Forest really stuck out to me. It might be because I love nature and hiking IRL and I think it would be fun to visit Caledon Forest and just go exploring!

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