Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Glitzy's Gamer Spotlight #3

What is your name?

When did you start playing Guild Wars 2?
Or how long have you been playing?
I have been playing GW2 since the first public beta release!

What made you want to try the game?
I'm a fan of GW1, so playing GW2 was a normal transition. I have been playing GW1 since the release of Factions. The new mechanics that came with GW2 (jumping, swimming, dynamic combat, etc) got me really excited for GW2.

What's your favorite profession to play and why?
My main is a thief. In fact, I have three thieves..! I like to play Revenant and Necromancer too. I like the fast-paced playstyle involved with thief and the high burst dps.

When you log into the game what is the first thing you like to do?
I usually craft my daily mats and then run around in Rata Sum until I find something to do!

Have you bought Heart of Thorns? If so, what is your impression of the new maps and events?
If you have not bought it explain why and if you plan to.
I bought HoT and I'm really disappointed in this expension. Anet didn't deliver. The new maps are stunningly beautiful, but hard to navigate and confusing because of the different layers and because the map doesn't give you good indications of at what layer the things are. Plus, no new dungeons and FOTM at release, no content for casual players, only 4 maps, no new major city, and the content of this expansion is really just 4 meta events that are on a timer.

What goals have you set for yourself in game?
I want to craft some legendary weapons and the legendary backpack. As for the legendary armor .. we'll see down the road how that goes!

If you are in a guild you'd like to promote please tell us about it!
If you are not in one, what are you looking for in a guild?
Dungeons and Dragons [DnD] for the win.

Any updates or fixes you wish ANet would work on?
Give us more content and bring dungeons back.

If you could visit IRL one of the cities of Tyria which one would you pick and why?
Rata Sum, cause I ain't no bookah.

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