Thursday, February 11, 2016

Glitzy's Gamer Spotlight #4

What is your name?
Archon. Archonbrood on twitch. My main character is Juneko.

When did you start playing Guild Wars 2?
Or how long have you been playing?
Since beta. Pretty much haven't stopped, though sometimes i play it more casually.

What made you want to try the game?
Been playing GW1 since it was beta, so i was waiting for it since it was announced.

What's your favorite profession to play and why?
I love my Thief. I think party i really like the character i made, which is a bit of a story itself, as well as the high risk thief gameplay.

When you log into the game what is the first thing you like to do?
Look for my girl, Bell <3 .="" a="" br="" brown="" currently="" do="" dye="" farming="" flax="" for="" like="" make="" mats="" or="" pigment="" potatoes="" run="" salvage="" scribing.="" to="" usually="">Have you bought Heart of Thorns? If so, what is your impression of the new maps and events?
If you have not bought it explain why and if you plan to.
Yes. I generally like the new events and meta's. But i think they go on for too long sometimes. Also, tangled depths is a real pain to navigate.

What goals have you set for yourself in game?
Considering making another legendary. Need to map complete my revenant at some point and finish story on him.

If you are in a guild you'd like to promote please tell us about it!
If you are not in one, what are you looking for in a guild?
Currently in the lunar wolves [WPAK]. 490+ members, pretty active, but kind of quiet atm due to not a whole lot of new content atm.

Any updates or fixes you wish ANet would work on?
Finish the rest of the new legendaries, including the back piece. remove all the bugged and fail events needed for their collections. some of the new adventures really need some tweaking, as do the new zones, it would be nice if they were more casual friendly. skill balance could use some work, it would be nice if all classes were viable in raids, pvp, etc.

If you could visit IRL one of the cities of Tyria which one would you pick and why?
LA probably, i like the coast. Although i wouldnt mind wandering around rata sum and pushing random buttons :D

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