Thursday, February 18, 2016

Staying Positive

So what's up! What's been going on! Well I've been trying out some new things recently that haven't gone exactly as planned. So let's chat about it!

First up, I applied for a Twitch Partnership. This means I could have a "subscribe" button on my page and make a little bit of money while also being able to give more back to my viewers! This is the second time I applied and once again I was declined. Twitch didn't tell me exactly what I need to work on, but they did say to apply again in about 2-4 weeks if I feel passionate about it. So I decided instead of accepting this as a defeat (which I admit I kind of did the first time) that I will keep my momentum going and push even harder and try to apply again. I mentioned this on stream a few days ago. Everyone was very supportive and kind!! I think if we can just keep doing what we're doing maybe the stars will align.

Another thing I applied for was an ArenaNet Partnership. They offer a sponsorship program now for creators and since that's basically the only game I live and breathe for I figured it'd be a perfect fit for me. Well unfortunately they never replied or accepted me. I applied for this several weeks ago and still haven't heard back. I suppose I will try again because I feel like I'd be a great match for them. It's just hard when no one tells you what you are doing wrong! I see others that are about the same size/level as my site and channel with sponsorships. Maybe I'm just not active enough? Well I also won't let this bring me down. I gotta use the passion I have to propel forward and apply again!

Finally, I applied for a job in real life that's totally different from what I'm used to. It's a position I know I would excel at and in a field I'd love to grow in. I won't go into the details, but long story short all last year I applied for several different jobs (both in and out of the hair industry) and nothing seemed to click. So when this job popped up nearby I was very excited to apply! However, once again I haven't received a reply. I believe in myself and that I'm totally qualified for all that I'm seeking. So I just need to learn how to be more patient. Things don't happen overnight and doors don't magically open for you. Sometimes you gotta prove to the world what you are capable of.

Last year, I let little things bring me down pretty quickly. There were other battles I haven't mentioned, too. I'm trying my best to keep a positive outlook and change the direction of my feelings after facing a setback. It's a little unlike me to post or talk about these kind of things because I do try very hard to have a good attitude on social media. my blog, and now my stream. But you know what? Shit happens sometimes! Thank you Forest Gump for teaching me that. It's how you react to it that defines you. So I'm staying upbeat and looking forward to whatever comes my way.



  1. Yes stay positive! As a contract artist I live the constant ups and downs of work. Sometimes I have tons of emails out with contact and sometimes I hear something and then other times I hear nothing. Then I have no work and then I have more than I can handle. In the end it is a matter of patience and staying on top of it all much like you are saying. Having been in the game industry for many years I can say that if you are reaching out to any studio or company involved with gaming it can often come in waves so sometimes they respond quickly and other times they are very busy and don't have time. Right now everyone is getting ready for GDC and the trade show season will eats a lot of time. Stay positive and I'm sure something will come along!

  2. Hard to say what to do without being in your shoes. There's lots of opportunity though I see from this side of the spectrum. Apply apply apply, It kills me whenever I can't seem to find work. I will apply at 20 different places and no luck. Yet I have to say I found a job and been working here so far for 4 weeks and loving it. It took 3 months to find what I was looking for and just being positive. My boss said.. Out of the 54 people he interviewed. He hired people with positive outlook. An that made me quite happy to be the few that he did hire. Saying this from my experience I have also people tell me they applied at well over 30 to 40+ jobs and never hear back as they even have college degrees higher than mine. I think trying and making an effort to change your state of being is better than nothing and I think you should realize that potential in you to do something remarkable is still there. An with time and patience you will unlock that as well as find what your looking for. I know its rough and hang in there, it can't rain forever.. Even though Im a rainy kind of person myself ;) Stay gold friend. I hope this helps calm your worrying mind.


  3. Right there with you. Seeing such great opportunities come up and things not click the way you want makes it hard to keep pressing forward with the things you enjoy doing. Never quit on yourself. Always remember the things you are passionate about and keep working towards that goal. Like you said, its all about patience. Things eventually work themselves out if you stay positive, and remember the struggle because when things do click, it will all feel that much more with the wait.

  4. Wishing you the best of luck!!
    You seem to be a pretty consistent streamer so I'm surprised about Twitch, I hope you get approved next time as I can bet you'd have some adorable emotes!!



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