Monday, February 29, 2016

Wig Review! Kamo Wig from Amazon

Hey everyone! I made my first "review video" for my YouTube channel!!! It's all about a wig I have been wearing a lot lately that I purchased from Amazon. As you may know, I own and wear a lot of wigs. I've been meaning to make reviews for them so I'm really excited to finally share this with you!

The Kamo 26" Layered Wig was purchased from Amazon by ME! I was not paid or asked to make this review. I was looking for a natural wig to wear on my Twitch streams and came across it on Amazon. It had decent reviews and for only $16.99 I figured it was worth the try. Turns out it's one of my all time favorite wigs now! I loved it so much I bought two - one to leave long and another to trim a little shorter. I've been wearing it a lot lately and it looks and feels very natural. Please check out my video for more details and a better look at it! This wig would be great for cosplayers or anyone that is on a budget and looking for a nice blonde wig.


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