Monday, March 7, 2016

February Thoughts

I was hoping to make a February Vlog for YouTube kind of like I did for January but seeing how it's already March 7 I figured let's just type it out this time! I really don't want to lose momentum from the boost of creative energy I had at the beginning of this year. February was a true test for this because life sure did like to tell me "NO!" I applied for so many things in February and every single thing came back negative. I've been reaching out more to friends and that's really helped me keep my chin up. I received so much positive feedback and advice after my "Staying Positive" blog post. I read all the comments and emails and private messages and to be honest that's truly what has kept me from throwing in the towel again. Last year I gave up so easily at the first sign of defeat.

In February, I applied for a Twitch subscribe button. They got back to me with the standard "We receive a lot of applications and have to choose wisely. Please apply again in 2-4 weeks if you want." So I've been researching more what makes a Twitch channel great. I've come to realize that it's truly about building a community. I'm going to focus more on that and hope to make any viewers that stop by my channel feel excited and welcome to be there. So I've been thinking of ways to do that and hope we can all grow more soon and maybe reapply for the button in a few more weeks.

I also applied for a partnership with Guild Wars 2. I sent it in once at the beginning of February and another at the end. No reply. I'm guessing they might not be accepting new partners right now. They recently announced that their Game Director (Colin Johanson) was leaving. I imagine there is a lot going on there. So for now I am not going to worry about that partnership and may reapply another time if it seems like they are interested in accepting new creators.

Probably the biggest bummer was seeing the response to my job application. I submitted it online for a pretty cool company in my area and felt super confident I would be a perfect fit for them. They never called me and a few weeks later I finally checked my submission on their site and saw the "received" was changed to "reviewed; not selected". I admit I was pretty upset they didn't even want a phone interview. It felt as if I wasn't given a fair chance at proving myself. However, I have learned from this how important your application and resume must be. Not only for this job but for all the things I've been applying for lately. I can't just assume what I put down is going to land me everything I want. I have to keep improving and growing. That means I can't lose momentum here. If I continue to sit back and twiddle my thumbs nothing is going to change. So it's up to me to push myself to become better!

February wasn't all drab. Tsum Tsum Tuesday was fun because they released the Star Wars collection. Pixie had a positive check up at the vet. I attended the Dallas Boat Show and saw some cool and sparkly boats. I started playing RuneScape which is actually really fun! I was able to have lunch with some family I hadn't seen in awhile. Valentine's Day was a blast as I hosted some giveaways on stream and received the cutest dragon plushies from my parents.

I uploaded my first wig review video that I worked pretty hard on. My raid group on GW2 has progressed so much that we actually kill all 3 bosses in less than a hour. A super kind gift arrived from Jerome J. who got me a Hogwarts robe from my Amazon wishlist. And finally thanks to the generous donations from my Twitch stream I upgraded from my 9 year old desk chair to a fancy DXRacer Racing Series chair! I plan to make a whole review post about it so be on the lookout for that soon.

After typing and rereading that last paragraph, I realize that I am still guilty of dwelling on the negative. I mean SO many great and happy things happened in February. Sure some bad was mixed in there, but one of the great things about blogging is discovering yourself in the process. Had I not typed that out and reflected I may have never seen how truly good life can be. Thank you all for sharing this journey with me and I hope you have a great week!



  1. Your time will come I'm sure of it, never seen a better community hub for gw2 on Twitch even tho I'm from EU so most of the time I lurk (when I catch the live latenight my time). I'm not into the game as much as I was but I still keep watching interesting people on Twitch and from what I've seen you really deserve the button and all the partnerships in the world. Stay strong and believe in what you do, life will come around and reward you. This was an interesting read so thank you for sharing, and sorry for grammar I'm on my phone :)) Good luck and keep up the good work. Also !chairhype (mynameisfurion)

  2. Hopefully March will be better for you. It's natural for some months to kinda suck, and it's okay to be in a funk if that's how you're feeling. I have a good feeling about things in the future for you though. :)


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