Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life Update: Houston, Pixie, and Guild Wars 2!

Hey all! I know it's been too long since I updated! Sorry about that! I think of all these cool posts in my head when I'm not at the computer but when I sit down to type the words don't seem to flow. I've just been busy with real life things lately.

As I have mentioned before, I moved from Dallas to Houston a few months ago. I mostly moved here for family reasons but also because I thought I had some good leads on jobs. Unfortunately it just hasn't worked out in my favor. I applied at over 20 places and none of them were meant to be. I was at a salon for a little bit but it's hours did not work with my schedule. I'm spending time now focusing on my family and dealing with some other personal things before I dive back into the job search.

I also found out this week that Pixie is going to need surgery again. She has tooth resorption and last fall she had a serious accident where her top canine broke off due to decay and she developed a fistula. She had most of her teeth extracted except for her two bottom canines and a couple teeth in the back. I've been taking her to see a vet about once a month to make sure it doesn't get worse. When I moved to Houston, the new vet I visited barely looked in her mouth and never called me back. I didn't want to go back to him so I found a different one this week and really liked her a lot. This vet looked at Pixie's mouth very closely and decided it would be in Pixie's best interest to have all her remaining teeth extracted. Things have progressed rather rapidly again. Her gums are very inflamed and seem to be rejecting her bottom canines. The teeth are literally being "pushed up and out of her gums" and are likely to break off soon if not taken care of. It's also very painful. The good news is she doesn't have any infections yet since I caught it early this time! Pixie is scheduled to have her surgery this coming Monday, and we are all hopeful that this will finally put an end to her gum issues.

In some other super good awesome news - I got a partnership with Guild Wars 2 and ArenaNet!!! This means if you use my links to buy Heart of Thorns or try the free to play version a small portion will directly support me!! This was a dream come true and has been a complete honor to be a part of. I have been able to meet amazing people in this community and that has honestly been the greatest reward. The game has some very exciting updates coming soon with Living World Season 3 being launched on July 26. So it's a great time to check it out!

I do plan to eventually apply for a Twitch subscribe button again. My numbers have increased since the last time I applied, but now the problem is I don't have a set streaming schedule. I don't really have time to be consistent during the week besides Monday nights. I hope to change this as soon as I can, but of course family needs to come first. So I appreciate everyone that does tune in whenever I am live!

More random things I've done lately can be seen on my Instagram or Twitter. I went to the Houston Aquarium for my brother's birthday, checked out my first Houston comic con - Comicpalooza, saw a Houston Astros baseball game and have actually been getting some exercise with PokemonGo. Dealing with anxiety and stress can be hard but I am thankful for all the good moments I've had. :)

Thank you all that have kept in touch with me on social media! Hope you have a good week!!



  1. hearts for Pixie!!!
    And yay for Guild Wars!!!

  2. Sorry to hear the job hunt's been rough, and to hear that Pixie's been having issues. Hopefully both will be resolved soon! Congrats on the Guild Wars partnership!


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